4 photos and a desktop

It's true... once you have a baby the only photos you take are of the baby... she's just so darn cute! I can't help it.

Hello there... She's getting good at holding that head up!

My friend Allison gave Jane this hilarious octopus toy (and coordinating fabric book) called "Captain Calamari" and I refer to him as The Captain.  She is much more alert in her seat these days (eventually falls asleep), so I thought she might want something to look at and brought out the captain to see if she would be interested like Allison said her daughter was.... and sure enough, she immediately started talking to him! It was hilarious.  The start of a long friendship I'm sure...
(oh, and yes, her paci is HUGE... that is the ONLY brand she will take and that's the next size... at least she will grow into it!)

My sweet Aunt Gail sent Jane a package last week with the most adorable outfit and this necklace.  It's a single pearl necklace that was my Granny's. Aunt Gail said she knew I would find the perfect time to give it to Jane.  Tears were flowing.

Today was a big day... Jane started going to "school." She will go three days a week so I can go to meetings and work, and my dear friend Amy is the director at the school and I have a friend who is a teacher, so I know she is in great hands.  Jane of course did wonderful and didn't cry at all! I only cried when I got back to the car as I was headed to work.  I'll miss my little sidekick these three days, but I know she will love being around the other kids.  She already loves watching her cousins and older friends!

I couldn't get her to look up...

You can go get the February desktop over here... Maybe I'll be back again before it's time for another desktop. ;)

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