MC illustrations

MC digital illustrations
$50 gets you a digital drawing of two people (or one person and one animal)
This includes the hi-resolution file (pdf & jpeg) and 2 proofs if changes* need to be made

$20 for each additional human
$10 for an additional animal
$5 for additional proofs if more changes necessary

*A proof is a minor change to the artwork, such as clothing color, hair color, facial feature. If clothing style or face/body structure needs adjustment and it doesn't require a total revamp, that is included as a change as well.

How it works:
You send me photos of the faces for the people in the illustration.  If an animal, send one of him/her sitting.  You can send some notes about specific clothing desired for the people.  I've done wedding dresses & tuxes, sports team attire, a London police officer uniform, and am open for any other creative ideas!  You will contact me via email to inquire, and then send the photos by email as well. 

MCillustrations [at] gmail [dot] com.