we are real adults now...

Closing day! We are officially homeowners of a cute little home (that needs lots of TLC) on Fiesta Drive. We cannot wait to get to work on making this our home, and I will update with pictures along the way! It was such an exciting day. We have great plans for our home.

A little taste of our kitchen... Yes, it is fake brick.


nice weekend

Dudley and I had a great weekend in Oxford. We went and enjoyed the double decker festivities and came away with good food and slight sunburns. Ok, his is slight, mine is pretty bad. Can we say raccoon eyes or Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer? Sunday was our year mark of when we got engaged! Hehe!

Anyway, we enjoyed spending time with the Carters, and then getting to see some friends we have missed since leaving Oxford. We were impressed by Austin running the 10K in 49 minutes, let me just say, the course had some brutal hills, and I know I would have been falling into the finish line around 60 minutes or so. Way to go Austin! We listened to Robert Randolph and enjoyed some professional hula hoopers. Didn't know that was true until I saw it with my own two eyes.

We are closing on Wednesday! We will be homeowners by Thursday, and it's exciting! Here we go, Dudley, being adults now. Let's get crackin' on making our house awesome.

Will post pictures when it's official!



Not to brag or anything, but I think I had the best wedding hair. I loved it. It was perfect and I had so much fun at the salon. Aaron came to the salon to take pictures and he snapped some awesome shots. Just wanted to share a few of my faves...


good news!

There is nothing major wrong with the mini. What great news I heard today! I don't want to get too overly excited because who knows what else will come my way. We just need some new tires and a computer reset and we're on our way, but getting closer to summer, which I'm super excited about, but also dreading. This means sweat. in. the. mini. all. the. time. We should just bite the bullet and fix it, but eh eh, not happening. We just freaking bought a house! Well, we close next week and will post pictures when that sign says "SOLD!"



Well yesterday (Sunday) seemed like 3 days in itself. We thought it would just be any average Sundee, but it turned into a hilarious chain of events.

We went to church and then out to eat with the Stephens and Lemmons afterwards at Dan McGuinnis. We had heard much about this place as it is a usual Sundee lunch spot for this group. Then we came up with this genius plan of the rest of the day. I had to attend a baby shower for a BSF girl, and then Dudley was going to hang out with the Stephens and we would then meet up at an open house they (Stephens) wanted to go to around 3:30/4. So, I went to a very cute baby shower, hosted by Stacey, and then headed to midtown for the open house to meet up with the others.

We walked around the house, loved the area, the house has potential, but then our husbands were determined to go play golf, even though it had downpoured the night before, and looked like it was about to pour. We said, ok, we'll just tool around for a little while and meet up with y'all afterwards. Well then the sky opened and it was a downpour. We thought for sure they wouldn't be playing golf. We drove to meet them at the Lemmons household. They were chillin' there, waiting for the rain to stop because they said they were going to play when it stopped. Crazy boys. So, Dudley agreed to let me get a new pair of Chacos. Laura and I headed for outdoors.

Right as we got in the car, I turned on Sirius Martha Stewart channel because I wanted Laura to hear it (Leslie and I listen to Alexis and Jennifer). I said, "sometimes they have replays so maybe you can hear when I was on last week." Right when I turned it on, I hear Jennifer say, "so when we come back from the break, we'll be talking about artificial sweetners." That was my segment!! Laura got to hear me on the radio with Alexis and Jennifer, and then we enjoyed piddling around Outdoors.

We then headed to let her dog out because poor Bama had been inside all day. When we got down to her apt in midtown (the bristol), we didn't have a key. What else would this day bring us? So then we headed back to the Lemmons because the boys were only on the 2ND HOLE, and it had already been about 45min-1hour since we had left them. At this point, we had already felt like it had been 2 days.

We got the key from Ryan at the course, then Cindi drove us back down to the apt to let out poor Bama. The boys wanted the night to continue and for all of us to go out to eat Mexican food. They were having too good a time together I guess.

Long story, I know, but it was a hilarious day to me, and this picture tops it off.


the curse of the raccoon on my mini cooper, Judy

Leslie and I have matching mini coopers. Yes, we do. They are different colors. Hers is Betty mine is Judy. I do not want any of this to sound complaining because I am very grateful to have a car that is paid off. Thanks Dad for giving me such a great gift.

Thus... there is a curse.

It all started with the raccoon incident, and since then, it's been one thing after the other...

1 - Highway 7, coming home from Oxford... BOOM! Plowed into a raccoon.

2 - On the way to Tupelo, MS, power steering goes out. You will never know how important this is to a vehicle until you DO NOT have it. Judy had to be towed to Memphis.

3 - Crack in the windshield... HUGE... new windshield.

4 - Flat tire #1

5 - Flat tire #2

6 - Flat tire #3

7 - Multiple cracks in windshield...

8 - AC out during the blazes of the south in August and September

9 - Someone so kindly backs into my tail-light in TCBY parking lot and drives off...

10 - Dad so kindly gets me a new windshield and tail-light while I'm on my honeymoon. What a great surprise to come home to. I thought for sure, this was the end. My car was finally doing well.. oh no.

11 - Leaving Lenny's after lunch with Laura, and boom, a foreign man backs into Judy.. in a rental car. Oh, and he doesn't speak english.

12 - The car begins to drive funny... the rpms shoot up on the interstate. what does this mean?

This brings us to today... Oh what a glorious happening. I'm driving along the interstate, yes sweating because no AC, and also trying to keep my RPMs down when BAM... rock into the windshield. I just yelled. "YOU'VE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME!!!!!!!!!!!" Seriously? There is no escaping this. There weren't even any 18 wheelers or work trucks driving around me. I think it was thrown at me. Don't worry, I went to get this filled in before it spread like wildfire in the heat. We cannot buy another windshield within 5 months of having this one.

One more thing.. I go to try and get my title switched over to my name because we got them for christmas, but they are still in Steve Guinn's name. Another long story short, I have to go downtown to get a new title with his name on it, and then go back and try to switch them. Don't worry, Leslie, you'll only have to do this once now!
What will be next?


great good friday... and weekend

This was a great Easter weekend in my family. Friday, Leslie, Laura, and I went down to spend a few hours in Oxford. We got to eat at Big Bad Breakfast, a local original that was outstanding. We also got to meet up with my dear Katie Martin, the rockette friend as she is famously known. Honestly, she's beautiful and is a NYC Rockette. She and I are very similar and I've been told that I'm her mini-me. I'm ok with that. Here she is standing by the ad she was in around the city.
So, we went to eat, enjoyed some great conversation and food, and then we hit up a few Oxford stores... antique, oxford floral, square shops, square books, mustard seed, etc. We had a great time!

Friday night we enjoyed some egg dying with our 2nd family, the Turmans. Jack and Cooper were in our wedding, and we love being with them. We love being included and love spending time with such a fun group of crazies!

Saturday, I went to the church egg hunt with the Turmans, while Dudley enjoyed a nice round of golf with Ryan. We got to end the night with Guinn family bowling. Let me tell you how hilarious this was. My dad's bowling name is the Big Labowski. He has a shirt. He wore it to the bowling alley, and got serious about these games. He showed us his skill, told us how to improve, and all in all it was a great night. Scott, my brother, was in town for the weekend, and I'm so glad that we got to enjoy him being home at this bowling adventure. Yes, he wore a shirt with watermelons on it. It used to be Steve's.

Sunday was an awesome Easter. The service was great, the worship, family, and friends were all perfect. Easter is the time to reflect on the savior and the promise he made for us. I'm a big sinner, but I have a big savior. He was at church with us on Sunday. We continued our day with a wonderful lunch made my Steve (and Pam). We got to enjoy the company of my Granny, Uncle Gary, Aunt Gwynne, and cousins, Henry & Mae. Granny made Leslie a strawberry birthday cake, and we got to sing her
birthday wishes and eat the most delicious cake. She was very excited about us singing to her. After lunch, we got to relax and watch the masters as it began to rain. It was the perfect day for relaxing.

Such a great "holiday" weekend, now back to the busy packed week. Dudley and I close on our house soon, so we're tying up all the details in preparation for that. I will say, the house we're moving into is having some sort of sale this weekend, so if you're interested (you could find some hilarious things, I saw a box of hoop skirts in the attic) go on over to Fiesta Drive. Not sure the time, but I would assume in the morning.


life is a musical

My whole life I have loved musicals. I have always wished somehow that my life would turn into a musical at some point, and I could break into a dance that everyone around me would know. How would that not make life exciting? Maybe there wouldn't be so much sadness in the world.

Anyway, Leslie showed me this video this morning, and it made me so happy. I just have to smile at this and hope that all these people literally randomly all knew the same dance. Go to her blog here and see for yourself.


grocery store surprises

So Dudley doesn't usually do the grocery shopping. We go together sometimes, but he usually doesn't go by himself.

When he does go, he likes to come home with random surprises/treasures that he wanted. Last time, he came home with a huge box of pop-tarts (which I never buy because I try to get him to eat healthier breakfasts). Today, he got off work earlier because of an appointment. He went to Target to get milk and something for me, and I came home to a cooked dinner and dessert. It was great! So then after we ate dinner, he said, "and... I got myself a little treat. I just saw it on the bottom shelf and it caught my eye and I had to have it." This is what I saw on the pantry shelf.

I laughed because I was thinking it would be cheetos, doritos, little debbies, or something of the like. This Tang container was a random surprise that is just hilarious to me. He was like a little kid in the candy store loving his little container of Tang. He told me how much he loved Tang as a child, and whenever he went to his cousin's grandma's she would always have Tang and it was the best thing ever.

Anyone else find little surprises when the hubby goes to the grocery?


billy buttons

I love these things! I love the color, the look, and the texture they add to the room. They have livened up my coffee area, and just make me happy when I look at them. These are probably going to always be a staple in my house. I know just the right people to get them from.

Just wanted to share my new favorite thing.

Sorry, photo taken with iPhone... I should probably start using a camera so my pictures look nice. Oh well...


april 1... fools day?

So I have never been really good about the April Fools day jokes. I can never come up with a good one in time, and if I do, it always back fires. This morning on the radio, Steve kept playing "Good Lovin'" by The Rascals, and it was hilarious. People were calling in saying that there was something wrong with the system because it kept playing the same song over.. and over.. and over again. I think I heard it 4 times. Finally, Steve and Karen started laughing about it and talked about how he did it back in 1986 and got the same reaction. Thank you, 94.1, for making me laugh on the way to work today. It put me in a great mood during the morning.

What's the best joke you have played or received on April 1?