tidbits & happy weekend!

It's been a great, fun, busy, exciting [etc] week, and I can't wait to share more about what's going on around Fiesta, but it will be next week because of this great new exciting awesome thing, tonight we're headed back to this wonderful place....

And get to spend some time with this lil fella, until Gibson stole my heart, Trusty was the best/cutest/sweetest dog I'd ever met.

This time he won't have a cast on his leg! :)

This is the first time T and I have ever left Gibson for more than 1 night. It's funny how I never thought I would miss an animal as much, but I'm really going to miss him! Ellen and Elise are going to play and sleep with eem, so I know he'll be in great hands. Maybe they'll even blog about how much fun Gib and Loonie are having together so I can see his sweet face. Give him kisses for me!!!

And just because I can't post without his face...

Have a great weekend everyone!!!


garage sale-o-2010

Well we actually did it. We had a garage sale. I don't think I'll ever have another for the next 10-15 years. It was a success, but we wish more people had come. We had so much shtuff to sell and it was good shtuff.

Dad cleaned out his storage building, here are just 2 of the loads in his and T's trucks... Hillbillies.

My parents cleaned out their entire attic, storage, house, etc, and as we were pricing everything on Saturday night my mom said, "this is my whole house/life. Ahh!" I guess she couldn't believe that they were actually selling all their shtuff, but she was so ready to get rid of it. Don't worry, we made her keep sentimental things, such as our cabbage patch dolls, Scottie's first teddy bear, my 101 dalmation stuffed dog - Patch, Cabbage Patch cradle, ya know, things of that nature. Here is what everything looked like on Friday night. It really was insane, things kept coming from every direction... luggage, satellite dish, tivo boxes, clothes (and more clothes), stuffed animals, pots, pans, crystal vases, poker game, TVs, furniture, rugs, and so on and so on.....

Friday night we set as much as we could up on tables in the back yard, so on Saturday morning all we had to do was carry the tables to the front. Here is what it all looked like on Friday night...

Looking into our garage storage building in our backyard...

Looking out of the garage into the backyard...
 [sorry for all the phone photos... we've gotten bad at actually getting out a real camera...]

Shtuff, shtuff, shtuff everywhere... We wanted to protect all the shtuff from the dew, so my genius dad had a big ole tarp, and I mean big ole. HUGE [just like our garage sale].
It worked just perfectly. It actually covered every table (all 6) we had set up in the back. Dad, you're a genius.
(Is this really happening?)

Now here are some real camera photos. The whole spread before 7am with the earlybird customers... One of them scavenging for "costume jewelry."

Gibson found a new best buddy amongst the stuffed animal bag. He hung out with him while the sale was going on...

It was a huge success, but next time we will put up more street signs to get more people from different areas to buy the shtuff. Garage sales are long and exhausting and lots of work, even for this little pooch.

See Leslie's post for some other good fun from our sale!

Note: I forgot to add... We got so lucky with "getting rid of the leftovers." Our neighbor told us about a girl who is raising money to go on a mission trip to Uganda this summer. She is having a yard sale next weekend and taking all donations, and she and her parents came and picked up 4 truckloads and took it from our house. It was awesome! So, if you missed out on our stuff and really wanted to see it, you have a second chance to hit up her sale [and it's for a good cause]. It's this coming weekend and they live on Quince close to Estate.


makeshift hammock/loungechair

Our backyard will be a work in progress for years, which is fine! But I really love sitting or napping outside in the shade and I wish I had a hammock or loungechair to do so. I had come to grips with maybe just buying a hammock that goes on a stand instead of between trees (because there are no trees). Last week I was saying how I would just go to Garden Ridge and find a cheap lounge chair I could sit and relax in the back yard.

Well... there was a turn of events. My parents brought over their stuff to sell in our garage sale, and lo and behold I have found my makeshift lounge chair until I have a real one. I spotted this beauty.

What is it you ask? Well, it's a folded up cot. It's been in my parents attic for years, apparently. I brought that sucker out of the pile and decided this is what I could lounge on in the backyard. It was such a pretty day last Sunday, and while T was watching the Masters (go Phil, T's work buddy), I wanted to take a nap, but wanted to be outside.

It unfolded so nicely, who cares that it doesn't recline!

[I think I have the cutest dog]

[He wanted to join me up on the comfy cot. :)]

It will work for the time being. Nice pale feet, eh? At least some pretty azaleas bloomed that I can look at from my new spot.

Hilarious, no?


this girl has a birthday today

This is my sweet sissy, if you didn't already know. It's her birthday today. She's awesome and my bestest (girl)pal. Good job Leanne, knowing her palindrome birthday. It's pretty cool, maybe that's where she gets her 'cools' from....right sissy? :)

Love you!


april showers....

Bring what? An April desktop wallpaper! I'm so glad that y'all are loving these, I've already had 2 people this morning say, where is my April desktop? Of course it's coming all you followers.

This one was pretty simple to come up with and I didn't borrow any of it from any other person. First time all with my own stuff. I'm learning and it was fun. Enjoy the month of April everyone, I know I have a good one planned. Do you?

April desktop 1024 x 768
April desktop 1600 x 1200

I heard the previous links were too large, try these. It's still a little large on my screen, but I can see all the numbers.

Oh, and April is the month of my sissy's bday. And she's so cool that her birthday is a palindrome, see if you can guess what it is!