It's November y'all... My favorite time of the year continues.

A few years ago when I trained for the marathon, I spent a lot of time in our neighborhood and in surrounding neighborhoods.  This is when I really grasped the awesome-ness of a gingko tree.  The leaves turn BRIGHT yellow and they have the most unique shape.  No other leaf has this shape.  The thing about a gingko is that they are the SLOWEST growing... so if we planted one in our backyard to enjoy, we would probably never see it like the ones I see in Memphis.  Now that I'm working downtown, I've noticed they are all over downtown too and some huge ones on Front street.  As you can see, I love them.

That year, I put gingko leaves on the November desktop and brought it back this year.  Go download it here.

This month I'm reflecting (daily) on the things that I'm thankful for.... There are so many blessings in our life.