merry birthday

I have an awesome family and set of friends!

My birthday came and we celebrated and it was so fun.  To start off a fun weekend, my new beautiful little niece joined our family on March 8 (day before me!) and she is a bundle of sweetness.  My birthday was filled with breakfast and spending the day with my favorite guy, going to eat dinner with great friends (and my little bro who was in town from sunny LA), a grizz game with a win (and getting to sit on the floor for a quarter), and lots a fun family time and memories thinking about my last year.  It was full of blessings and growth.


(my little snotty face Jules is a little cutie big sis!)

I'm so thankful for this life.  Our little family is so blessed and my heart is so full every day.  I can't wait to see what this next year has in store for me!



Today is March 1.  I kind of can't believe that March is already here, and I've heard that multiple times this week from many different people.

Thankfully, work is slowing A BIT for T.  Yay for March and that time being here.  We also love March around our house as it's our birthday month.. mine at the beginning, his at the end.  A month full of celebration. And cake...

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