you're gonna have to face it you're addicted to love

I don't know why I titled that. Maybe because I had to unfortunately hear it this morning on the radio, and it is just one of those songs that sticks in your head. GET OUT PLEASE!

Last weekend while Grandma and Aunt Melissa were here, we did a lot of eating and shopping. We ate at Davis Kidd Thursday night, Muddy's for lunch Friday, The Beauty Shop for dinner Friday night, Brother Juniper's for breakfast Saturday, lunch at BYB Saturday, home cooked meal at Long Leaf Saturday night, and the lunch Sundee at Patrick's. Yes, way too much eating out, but it was all so very tasty, thanks mom, grandma, and aunt melissa for some yummy food and great laughs. Grandma has the best laugh.

Saturday we spent about 2-3 hours in Sheffields Antique Mall in Collierville. Dudley and I were looking for the following items:

Little desk for the kitchen
New console/cabinet for the TV
Buffet for dining room
Dining room table
Kitchen table
New (smaller) coffee table
Any other cool things

(these are just some of the items we are looking for, not necessarily going to buy all at once. we haven't won the lottery or anything).

These are the things we found at Sheffield's:

my new little cute red desk for the kitchen, any suggestions on a little chair that would be cute?

this was aunt melissa's doing. Can you guess what it is? A lamp will be on top of there someday.

I also got those metal milk crates you see underneath.

Then we ventured out to find a rug for the den. I had found one I loved online, but it irked Dudley to order a rug online. He google Memphis rug stores, and found Rug & Roll. It's in the back of Fred Remmer's for all you Memphians who have gotten their rugs cleaned. Tdud went there Friday on his way home from work and scoped it out. He said there were a few he thought I would like. We came home with this beauty. I am in love with it.

I also picked up a few Fire King pieces. I love finding this stuff at antique stores. It might now be my collecting item and my mom actually as a few of her own to share with me!


yummy breakfast dinner

Last night, I offered to go to the store to get something to make us for dinner, but tdud didn't want me to have to do that...

So I made homemade waffles and we had eggs with them. It was very tasty.

I found a recipe for homemade waffles, but substituted one cup of wheat flour. Mmm good. I got to use my cute waffle maker that ellen gave us. We froze the rest so then in the mornings we can just pop them in the toaster.


loving these things

typewriter 'c' key ring from

cute owl mug from modcloth

bottle from modcloth

custom little dish from

cute little bandits

Wouldn't it be fun to be a little bandit? Maybe I can just be one for halloween this year. The bandits found a place over our bed, and they look oh so adorable. If we were bandits, we would look like those two, but we would have to straighten tdud's hair. :)


a nice address file, yes please.

Leslie and I have been eying this address file for a few months now from Lovely Design. Does someone want to buy this for me? I would use it forever, and then perhaps write your address in there so we can be penpals.


i am not a paper cup

When mom and I were driving to Dallas back at the end of may/beginning of june, she was flipping through a magazine and saw this little thing. I told her I had seen them before, but she hadn't and she just loved them. Later over the weekend I saw them in Urban Outfitters, and called her immediately. She wanted to get one and also get one for me and Leslie. Well I have used mine pretty much every day since then. It is exactly like drinking out of a nice Starbucks lid, but the coffee stays warmer and you don't have to throw it away.

I have a new routine these days. Bring this to work with creamer in it because I never have time to make coffee in the mornings, and then get coffee here. It is a little more bearable when I have my fat free french vanilla coffeemate included in the nasty work coffee.


Aaron Snow stayed at our house

Well, we did it. We got our guest room ready for Aaron Snow this weekend when he came in town to shoot a friends wedding. The guest room actually looks pretty cute if I do say so myself. Aaron didn't seem to complain, but we also don't put Texas pillows on our beds, right sissy? Of course I wish the house had been a little more put together, but I shouldn't complain considering all the work we've done in the last few months.

I can't believe that our kitchen used to look like this...

And now it looks like this...

and this...

and this.

Does it even look like the same kitchen? How do you like that not-so-fake brick?


happy birthday mom!

Today was mom's birthday, and we had a lovely celebration for her. We (mom, dad, granny, jerkins, carters) met at Carrabba's for a nice dinner, and then came back to our house for cake, ice cream, and coffee. 

She is the best mom in the world, and I hope one day I can be her. Good thing I already look like her, and was mistaken for her at Grandad's funeral. I'm well on my way. Love you mommy!


great new skirt!

I have the sweetest mommy! She loves to take me and sister shopping, among other sweet things she is always doing for us. We all three have the greatest time together, ALWAYS. I'm so lucky to have the 2 of them. So, we got a coupon for 30% off at BR (I used to get 50% off when I worked there, but no more). I had been eying this skirt for awhile now, and finally found the last one in Memphis in my size. She got me the cutest white shirt to go with it.

(excuse the weird BR models)
After shopping we enjoyed a nice dinner together at Petra, and then mom headed to South Carolina with dad to visit Scottie. I love our girls nights!


the best thing of my day

(warning, extreme mushiness)

...sharing a sweet kiss with my hubs in the morning when he leaves for work. He never leaves the house without one.

With all the busy hubbub of our house renovations I don't want you to forget...

...i love you tdud.


little touches

This is for sister.

She so kindly organized my upper cabinets with dishes, glasses, mccarty, etc. It looks s'nice.

She also arranged my cute Christmas dishes underneath... (no, I haven't taken the tags off yet. I got them after Christmas '08)

These cute things sit in my window sill

And I have hung up some curtains in the den. I didn't want to show too much detail yet because I haven't had the chance to steam or hem them.

More to come later... My goal is to have the guest room ready by Friday for our first guest. We can do it! After our nice weekend off, we must get back to it!

carter/stephens trip '09

The Stephens and Carters ventured out on a lovely weekend at Thunderbird lake in Cherokee Village, AR for a nice 3 day weekend. Her grandparents live on this quaint little lake and it was a perfect getaway for us. We got some quality time with Jerry and Frankie (grandad and grandmother), tasty food constantly, good antiquing, a hot day of golf for the boys, crafting, phase 10, skiing, water lacrosse, tubing, naps, church, did I say good food?

We left Thursday night after work, which gave us a full day on Friday for all of the above. We had a wonderful time, and we all wish we could have stayed for another week. They have the most precious dog in the whole world, and I could have taken him home with me. Trusty is a good ole boy and he is the sweetest. He wandered up to the lake house 3 years ago, and Laura kept telling me how much I would love him. Well I truly did fall in love with this dog. Too bad he's already taken. He loves his dad like no other dog I have seen love their dad. He has a broken toe, so he had a cast on his foot and it was hilarious. I could go on about Trusty for hours, but I'll leave it at this: He loves to play with crawdads and eat popsicles.

A recap of our weekend in pictures.

Ryan, you turned the wrong way.

Beautiful scene.

Sweet Trusty.

Grandmother has creeping jenny everywhere, and all of it is thick like this. I know you're jealous, aren't you sissy?

True love.

Oh, T Dud..

Zip up your lifevest silly. I really just put this photo up so you could see the house in the background.

Nice scissor kick, Ryan.


It's just perfect there.

Thanks for the awesome weekend Stephens! Want to go back next weekend?