last week of june

So I know my last post discussed the craziness of May... but June continued to be just as busy.  I can't believe it's already the last week of June.  We welcomed a new member to the Carter fam the first weekend (yay Katy & Sam!), celebrated Overton Square and Margie & Aaron's baby the next, and I went to our church's summer camp last week, which was an incredible week.  It's been a fun summer so far and it's not even to our favorite holiday yet!

Today I'm playing catch up... and doing laundry.      :)


running around

So....... We've been crazy busy this last month and it's going to keep being super busy until probably mid July?  Our Memorial Day was so fun with the Lotts for our annual weekend in Shreveport (Margie posted briefly about it here).  It was a beautiful day for a drive, and this year we took a much more scenic route.

She and I did our blueberry picking again, which was perfect, and then we spent the rest of the time in the pool and/or eating delicious foods.  She's probably the cutest little pregnant woman!  Next year baby Jewel will join in on our annual Memorial Day festivities and I just can't wait!

T and I never seem to take photos of ourselves any more, so I managed to get one on this trip.  I look a little tired?  We had so much fun our our travels.  After we spent the long weekend with the Lotts, we headed over to Dallas to visit my grandma (Martha) and my aunt and uncle.  Grandma has recently moved out of her house (that I grew up going to) and I hadn't gotten to see her new place yet.  

We spent an afternoon eating at her new place and catching up with her.  It was a wonderful time to spend with the beautiful woman I'm named after, and she seemed to love telling her friends I am her namesake.

My aunt Melissa and uncle Joe are such fun hosts and we loved being in their house and exploring some of their favorite places.  Uncle Joe was recently introduced to Friday Night Lights, so T and I thoroughly enjoyed seeing Dillon (and Tim Riggins) folks again!

It was a perfect ending to May, and we will spend the rest of the summer with the green egg in our new backyard and eating a bunch of Jerry's I'm sure.