girl scout cookie season

It is girl scout cookie season, and that time is always dangerous. A man at work comes around to our desks and asks if we want to order some from his daughter. [How can you say no when they come up to your desk?] Last year I was bad and bought maybe 5 boxes? What was I thinking? This year I was good and only bought 2. One I like and one T likes. [of course I like the one I got for him, too :)]

Why is it that when I'm running late in the mornings I rationalize having a samoa for breakfast? Oh, because it's girl scout cookie season, and that's what it does to me. This is the only time I ever really eat coconut.

You can also find things like this that are dangerous, especially when ice cream is already your favorite food.

[I guess it's Dreyer's or Edy's depending on where you live]

Am I the only one who feels like these cookies are dangerous and irresistible? Also, I discovered, while going to school in Mississippi, that there are different bakers for the cookies and they name the cookies differently. So in Oxford, the Samoas = Caramel Delights, Tagalongs = Peanut Putter Patties, Do-Si-Dos = Peanut Butter Sandwich, Trefoils = Shortbread. Now, here in Memphis, we have the fun-named ones [the ones I bolded], so when I went to Ole Miss, people called them the other names and I didn't get it. They were missing out on the awesome "real" names. I have had to convert my Mississippi husband to use the correct names.

Anyone else ever experienced/noticed this?


he chase tail

Our little man, Gibson, has been the best addition to our family. He is so silly, but his face looks so serious, so I can't help but just chuckle at the little guy. All through this cold winter he has shivered. I'm not sure if it's because he's cold [he's so skinny with no fat for warmth] or if it's because he's still nervous. Either way, he's a little shaky thing. So I wanted to get him a warm coat to keep him warm, but since he is a mix of different things he doesn't seem to be proportional for any dog clothing items. T wasn't going for the dog snuggie either... :(

Well last night I was buying his food and treats and came across this hilarious number.

He does chase tail. He chases tail all the time. He could chase for hours. Notice how the back is very baggy on the lil guy.

T was not very thrilled, but he did get a laugh out of it because Gib will just kind of stand there wearing it. After a little while, he got moving around and playing with his squirrel.

Do you put your dog in dog clothes?


shnow shnow shnow

So I know I'm tardy in posting about snow. Everyone was doing it, so I waited it out.

We have had more snow in Memphis than I think I've ever seen. It started with ice one friday and then through that weekend and we were house bound. Then last Monday I got a call early in the morning saying the office was closed! Wow, what a surprise, our office never closes. The snow was coming down so hard, and hubby went off to work while I got to snuggle with our silly pup all day. This is what it looked like in Memphis. Just beautiful.

Lil Gibson loved it, but the 4 inches hindered his usual sprint, so he was doing a lot of jumping and leaping.

Looking out onto Fiesta Drive. I love roads with snow that haven't been driven on yet.

Houses look pretty with snow on them.

Our neighborhood looked so pretty with snow covering all the huge trees. We have to enjoy everyone elses trees because we didn't have a one on our lot until my aunt gwynne bought us one in the fall. [you can see it in above house photo]

I thoroughly enjoyed my day off with the netflix instant queue and some craft things I did. It was then Valentines Day, and this is what I got from t.

A yummy home cooked meal. For those of you that know my husband, he doesn't do much cooking. I think he has cooked for me one other time, and that was out of a package. But this he did all by himself. Breaded chicken, potatoes, green beans, and garlic bread. And he got out our fancy china, lit a candle, and used a bread basket.

I didn't do one thing to help him. He chopped up the potatoes all on his own and found all the baking items needed in the kitchen. I was very impressed. He topped it off with a slice of key lime pie. That man loves me.

This little guy joined us for a second because it started snowing [again] and he wanted to check it out.

This was looking out my kitchen window Monday morning. More snow.

That's all for the snow. At least it better be. As much as it is pretty, I'm ready for some pretty days. The month of February has been so gray and dreary. I am beginning to agree with my friend Jesse who believes the month of February makes her blue. Bring on March please, we all want some prettier weather 'round these parts.


crazy girl

So as I stated before here, I have found the new workout that I love. Spinning is awesome. You can push yourself as much as you want, or you can take it a tiny bit easier if you're just having an off day. Well last night was an on day and I was pushing it. The room was definitely hotter than usual and I was just dripping sweat. It was wonderful.

So the class was over and Elise told us we were going to go do some weights. Ok, no biggie. We did some chest, back and biceps. Let me just say Elise is crazy. Crazy about working out, and it is great working out with her because she makes you do it. She really is crazy. So one of the trainers was talking to her and she asked him to make us do something... Oh great. Ellen and I didn't like the looks of this. He got this squishy medicine ball and wanted us to do all these push-up tricks on it. Well Elise did most of them, and then fell on her face. I did a few of them and then fell, too.

Then I hear, "make us do something else!" So he says we were going to go do an active circuit. Ok, no biggie. This is what we did:

Sprint around track (as fast as you can)
Jumping jacks with a dumbell - 30 seconds
Jumping from side to side on a half ball - 30 seconds

Here is where I thought I was going to die....

This series - jumping jacks (3 counts=1), sit ups, push ups, scissor kicks

This many times - 20, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 20

Then sprint.

Needless to say, I didn't take in enough calories that day to make this work. I pushed through it because I look over and crazy girl has a smile on her face saying, "come on, you got it Marth."

Ellen and I pushed through it and then we went to Cracker Barrel. Delicious.

Today I feel great. I love being sore.


pretend j.crew

I love things from j.crew, but like everyone else, I do not love the price tag. They make this watch. It is awesome, it's for men, and I love it.

$150, really??? I have always been an avid watch-wearer, so I tried to rationalize this being a good investment, but I just couldn't do it. I tried to find it on timex for cheaper, but it's specially made for j.crew. Of course. Then I browsed around on the timex website because I wanted an analog watch with a big face and date. Something simple.

I found this guy.

It had the things I wanted, analog, date, indiglo (yes!), and waterproof. AND it's only $35! The band wasn't my favorite though, but j.crew sells those watchbands in all colors. I was putting it all together in my head.

While T and I were at our local Sears last fall buying the appliances, I moseyed on over to the watches to see if they had any of these or anything similar. Well there I spotted it. And it was on sale.

T completed this project when he gave me a watchband from j.crew in my stocking at Christmas, and it's just great. Now I have my very own pretend j.crew watch.

I think these colors would be great for spring and summer, don't you?


it is February

I can't believe it. Welcome to the month-o-love. This year I get to celebrate Valentines day with not only the best hubs in the world, but also with the best and sweetest and most wonderful adorable pup. We have a love for this little guy. [it's funny how he is in every post. sorry!] Here is a happy February [love] treat for everyone.

I didn't get much feedback from the last one of this, but I thought I'd try it again. I hope you enjoy your very own February calendar desktop wallpaper. I can't remember where I got that yellow background pattern from, otherwise I would give 'em all the credit. If anyone knows, let me know! Again, if you can't get it to work, I'll email it to you.

February desktop 1024 x 768
February desktop 1600 x 1200