It's July!

How is it already July?? Time is flying by.... And every day with this girl is better than the previous.

Laura designed a cute cute desktop for July... and I might just recruit her to keep doing them! Thanks friend! Click here to get it.

One of our family's favorite holidays is this Friday - Independence Day - and I can't wait to share it with our little bug.  I think she's going to like it!


June... is a little late!

 I'll post up a July desktop ON TIME :)

We went on a little vacation with my family and it was so so wonderful.  We stayed in Watercolor on 30A, but were so close to Seaside we got to experience both areas and we loved it! Biking, walking over a lake, and enjoying some sand in our toes was good for the soul.  And watching our little Jane bug experience it all for the first time was even more good for the soul.  She had a great time and we did too!