the carters are chillin'

Dudley and I have enjoyed the last month being at home, working around our house, and continuing to spoil our dog child.  Here he is for a little reminder just how spoiled he is...
"I do whatever I want to."

This month (August) I will become an aunt and t.dud will become an uncle for the very first time.  It's going to be so much fun and we are all dying to meet little Jules.  Brother (scottie) is coming back to Memphis tonight and he's just as excited about being an uncle.  I've never seen him hold a baby, much less a child, so I can't wait for all these firsts.  

We also have some visitors this month visiting from Italy--yes, Laura and Ryan are here and we had an airport reunion that was a blast.  I then took her to chop all her hair off--literally--and she looks amazing. So glad for some quality time with them for a few weeks.  She'll even get to meet my niece! 

It's over 100 degrees here today and will continue to be for a few weeks I'm sure.  We are doing anything we can inside, but at least our new sod is loving and flourishing in the heat.

I loved the desktop for July that Laura painted and was sad to see it go, but I do love this one too.  I'm not sure how this is working for everyone, but I think you can just click this image and then download it to desktop.  Let me know if anyone is having issues and it's blurry or something.