new gig

Well... it seems I've resorted to posting only desktop calendars and no life updates or any other non-important information.... but today starts a new chapter for my work-life!  I'm pumped about this new gig working with a gal I met right when I quit the previous job.  She has her own business and I'm working as her assistant on various fun projects, one being promoting overton square reno here in Memphis.  It will be a lot of fun so I'm really looking forward to see where I'm headed from here!

Also, it's turning into fall around here (my favorite time of year) and we had a perfect taste of it sitting around a neighbor friends fire-pit yesterday.  My kind of relaxing Sunday....

Lastly, if you need a new pandora station to listen to, I recommend Counting Crows.  It's my current choice of "the music I'm listening to lately."


they're back!

It's September 2012 and it's been 2 years since some of our best friends left America to live in Italy.  At the time it seemed like so far away that they would be back, and I feel like it's gone by so quickly and here they are, back in the states!  Welcome back Stephens!!

We can't wait to see them and I know they will continue to long for loving people and living for other people as they have done for the past 2 years.

Laura sent over this cute desktop for the month of September.  Fall is coming soon (I hope) and maybe I'll start sharing more life stories here.. life is happening and I continue to try to live in the present.

Go over here to find the September desktop calendar!