food lover

We love food around here, and love to eat good food.  Lately we've really been trying to eat more "natural" things.  I've been making homemade items instead of store bought, i.e. biscuits (thanks Leslie P!), cookies, waffles, and I've found recipes to make my own tortillas (haven't tried yet)!  I am now more cautious of ingredients listed on the label, and find myself putting items back when there are too many or I don't even know what half of them are.  High fructose corn syrup also goes back on the shelf.

My good pal Audrey showed me this blog and there are so many great/easy recipes on there.  The other day I made some homemade goldfish, which T loved, and then today I wanted something sweet so I made this delicious smoothie!

Why buy pre-made/processed items when you can make them and know the ingredients that are in there?



Tdud and I will be in this very spot in May, and by golly I can hardly wait!

me in Rome [March of 2007]

We get to see some of our favorite people--the Stephens who currently live in Florence, Italy.

sadly, this is the only photo I could find with the 4 of us.. it was either, me and laura, ryan and dudley, or me laura and ryan...  but we do look so young and newly married :)

They'll get to show us their home and all their favorite spots, and we'll eat lots of delicious food.

Don't worry everyone, I'll be keeping a quote book of things that I hear Tdud say while in Italy.  It'll be a good time. :)



I wanted to share with everyone how the giveaway winner's (Erin) drawing turned out.  That little Felicity is just precious!

Email me if you're interested - MCillustrations [at] gmail [dot] com



it's april.  The month of rain, blooms, bunnies, green, etc.

the fiesta house has been busy this month, and I've been flying solo... I now have T back at home and life is grand!

we will be spending this month relaxing, running, playing, eating, enjoying life together again.  reflecting on what the easter season means to us.  also, we will be gearing up for our Italian adventure at the beginning of May to visit these two.  can't wait!!

we planted a dogwood in the front this month, and I can't wait to see the blooms peek out.  we love a dogwood, and I tried imitating them for the april desktop (with some cute little bunnies).

april 1024 x 768
april 1600 x 1200
april 1680 x 1050