my man and our new hardwoods

So Dudley took initiative and decided to get us BEAUTIFUL new hardwood floors in the kitchen. It was such an awesome surprise the day he decided this. It only took our floor guy 2 days to get them in and they look awesome. He will be coming back in the middle of June to do all the refinishing (in the whole house) and staining. We cannot wait for this to be done!

ahh, beautiful floors...

Dudley tries to be artistic

Tomorrow I'm leaving for a week to go to Dallas for our conference for work. I will be gone for 8 days, and I will miss this guy! I love you T Dud! Thank you for my beautiful kitchen floors.


thank goodness for paint

Paint does wonders. It's true. We have been working our hearts out at Fiesta Drive, and sacrificing much rest and relaxation to make this our home. When looking through pictures I realized that we have come SO far, but in the midst of working I feel like I will never be done.

We had such a productive Memorial day weekend. My dad supplied our "construction zone" with some festive flags for the holiday weekend.

If you don't know this already about our family, we love all things America and flags. My dad has supplied our neighborhood with flags on every light pole and has created an amazing annual 4th of July parade. It is something I always want to be in town for no matter what.

We enjoyed a nice family picnic at church. Pam and Steve's concert band played some festive music while we all enjoyed BBQ, chips, desserts, and of course, moon bounce and all sorts of inflatables for the kids. Jack is just the cutest.

We then went over to see the Turman family tree house/fort that Russ has built in the back yard. This thing is awesome. Dudley and Cooper dominated in a little touch football in the meantime. This was such a nice break from our busy work weekend. Thank you Turmans for always entertaining us!

This is what the kitchen looked like when we bought it.

This is what the kitchen looks like now... in progress.. yes, we are getting new hardwoods in there, I can hardly contain myself.

There are so many pictures to share, but it's very late and it's a busy week. You can kind of see the den paneling painted through the doorframe, but just you wait til you see the before and afters of that! Will post more soon!


everything's BBQ

Today is the kick-off to the BBQ fest of Memphis in May. Dudley's accounting firm (KPMG) counts the votes of the contest, so they have a huge tent with flooring, carpet, etc. They are bringing in a BBQer from Tupelo, and I'm excited about this! I haven't been to BBQ fest in years because it isn't that fun if you don't have anyone's tent to go to. Hundreds of world class grillers gather in Tom Lee Park, and I can't wait to see all the contestants. See who's competing here. I never knew that many team names could all revolve around pork/pig. I think my favorite might be "Barefoot in the Pork." The contest wouldn't be complete without the "Ms. Piggie" competition where grown men dress up in ridiculous tutus. The best prize is the bragging rights of being the best griller.

This is also Dudley's first time, so we will enjoy ourselves down by the river tonight and tomorrow night. Tomorrow night is "family night" at their tent, so we have a bunch of family and good friends joining us. It will be a good time. Maybe I'll actually eat some BBQ tonight... Still up in the air!


strawberry fields forever

I got to work this morning and found this yummy treat on my desk...

Thanks, Suzanne, for bringing me some delicious looking locally grown strawberries. I love me some strawberries, and this is the time to get some good ones. I want to go to the farmer's market downtown soon, but it seems my Saturdays so far have been too busy. I just enjoyed a big and scrumptious juicy strawberry. MMMMMmmmmm delicious. Maybe soon I'll get some from the FM and then enjoy some good angel food cake.

We have been working on the house some, but last weekend was so productive. We stripped down all wallpaper, took out the built-ins (quite the feat), pulled out all boxwoods, washed walls, painted ceilings, and enjoyed being in our home. Dudley is back at it this weekend (and following week while not working), and this time he'll be ripping down the back roof over the patio. Should be a good time!

I have been helping my mom plan a graduation "chic" picnic she is throwing for a few of her seniors from Mock Trial. It should be a good time on Saturday, and I'm hoping for the rain to hold off. Sunday we will enjoy a nice mother's day with family. Will post update photos soon!



I read about this today. I'm all for it! Memphis needs our money.

My 3:

1 - Muddy's (duh)
2 - Davis Kidd
3 - Do

It's funny all mine revolve around food, but I love good food.