I guess I like birds?

I guess I like birds... Birds were on our shower curtain, I have birds on my lamp by my bed, birds on a pillow on our bed, and it seems that I want some kind of bird necklace. As I posted before, I'm still loving this necklace:

I found this one today, and I like it as well (not as much as the one above):

Owls are included in this bird category. Laura just bought me an owl desk pen holder from anthro. It will be just the cutest thing on the desk that I hope to paint sooner rather than later. This would be cute in my kitchen:

I wonder why this is the case with birds?


it's official

Well, with the help of our families we successfully moved into our house yesterday and slept in our room last night! I was so excited I couldn't fall asleep as quickly as I normally do. We worked on our bathroom over the weekend and came SO close to being able to use it today. Mr. Gary Lemmons (jack of all trades) came to the rescue yesterday and put our vanity and sink together, and our light that Dudley worked for hours on on Saturday night. The reason it didn't work for him is because a wire was broken. Otherwise, he would have gotten it as easily as Gary did. It looks great in our newly painted bathroom! I cannot wait to share pictures with everyone on here, you won't believe it's the same house.


learning and prints

When I started working at Shelby, my computer came with InDesign on it. Leslie has always wanted it so she can create even more awesome designs for her stationery business. At the time I started working, she and our friend Stacey (graphic designer) had been working on my wedding invitations and correspondence, which turned out perfect! I was determined to figure out this program that was on my computer. Sometimes we are slow at work, so I'll pull it up and mess around to figure some things out. Lately, I have been doing little projects for Leslie, tshirt designs, and of course things for work.

Anyway, I'm starting to understand how the program works, and at the moment, Leslie and I are designing some cards for my mom. They look pretty good if I do say so myself. This afternoon she wants me to do a wedding shower invite! I wish the two of us could just have our own crafty business.

On another note, I think I've picked out some cute prints for our bedroom. Dudley (of course) would rather have a deer hanging over our bed, but I think these will be there instead.

Dudley and Martha, the little bandits! Too bad this little guy doesn't have curls. It's from the famous etsy shop, theblackapple. There are a few others that I might have to get. I'm really LOVING the terrarium print (Leslie and I have acquired an obsession for terrariums for some reason).

That one might be in the house, too. I cannot wait to start decorating this house that we've worked on for months now.



We had an unexpected family tragedy last Tuesday with the loss of Norman McMurry. Leslie and I went to Dallas Wednesday to be with my mom and grandma. The funeral was Friday and it was a wonderful celebration of his full and rich life. Knowing him has made our lives more memorable, and he will truly be missed. Please keep my grandma in your prayers as this will be a tough road ahead. She is the sweetest, and I wish I could have stayed longer. See sisters's blog for a sweet picture of my grandparents so in love.

We will HAVE to move this weekend, so this will be a crazy busy week/weekend. Looking forward to living at Fiesta drive, if it will just go ahead and get here.


thank you mr. president

That's right! Dudley and I received our tax credit for first time homebuyers! (Don't think this is me bragging, but I had to let you know after my post yesterday I felt a little relief). It came on the perfect day when I was down and stressed and wanting to pull my hair out and wash my hands of this house.

It was all worth it and better when we got back to the messy apt (see cartoon below for an example), I checked the mail to see this little beauty in there with:


What a perfect ending to the night. We celebrated at 10:30 pm with some freshly baked oatmeal chocolate chip cookies and a cold glass of milk.


this is what I feel like right now.

This is what my life feels like. Mess everywhere. We work on our house (which is looking amazing) every night after work, and go home just in time to get in bed. This leaves NO TIME for the following:

folding laundry
putting clothes away/in boxes

I woke up this morning and honestly felt like this girl here. I don't want to lose my mind, but I can't live in transition much longer before I go crazy. I don't really know where any of my clothes are. I feel like I'm wearing the same thing over and over and over again.

I cannot wait for the following to occur once we move in:
  • organizing my clothes
  • laundry and being able to fold it immediately
  • cooking (it's been too long)
  • baking
  • decorating
  • buying rugs
  • rearranging furniture
  • having people over
  • watching movies
  • learning to garden (maybe one day I can have pretty plants like Leslie's)
  • sewing and hanging curtains
  • playing in the yard
  • relaxing
  • etc
  • etc

This has been such a long process, but we are actually getting close to the end. I can't see it yet because it goes back to my life looking like that girl in the picture.


America the beautiful

We had a wonderful 4th of July weekend! We had Friday off, so Dudley and I worked at our house, and even though it feels like we aren't getting closer at all, we really are. Everything is really coming along and our house looks like a brand new house. I can't wait to post some new updated pictures!

Like I said before, 4th of July is my dad's favorite holiday of the year. We had our 17th annual parade in their neighborhood. We made awesome tshirts.

The parade starts out with a float. My sweet husband was instructed to pull the float. :)

They even have a neighborhood queen every year, elected by my mom.

Then a firetruck comes and pulls up the rear of the parade

and then shoots water out for the kids. They all love it!

They added games for the kids this year instead of a moon bounce. This brought on a dunk tank.

Mom and Dad's concert band played some classic America tunes in the street.

We enjoyed hamburgers and hotdogs cooked on a huge grill in the street.

Leslie and I sold some of our handmade items at the "craft fair."

She won the dessert contest with her scrumptious strawberry blueberry pie.

The neighborhood gave my dad an Uncle Sam award, and also gave my mom "Mrs. Uncle Sam." It was a priceless moment. Dudley captured this picture. I told you this was his favorite holiday. Look at the joy on his face!

We had a great time that morning.

The Turmans, Humbers, (now) Carters, Jerkins, Guinns had their annual 4th cookout, kickball, fireworks. Our kickball game this year was intense and seemed to last 2 hours. I didn't get any pictures of our festivities, but it was a perfect 4th celebration. Wonderful food, homemade ice cream, cake, watermelon. Everything that says 4th of July, we had it. I hope everyone had as much fun as we did on the 4th, I don't know if it could be beat!