First of all, my 16-miler this past weekend was great!  I planned and prepared [mentally], and I got it done on a beautiful fall day.  The furthest I've ever run in my life [up to this point].  I had a great course, started at Leslie's ran through High Point, back to my parents house for my first water stop, where I saw little brother Scottie waiting for me with ice cold water. Thanks buddy!

This was about mile 5.5, and I took/ate my first Gu of the day.  Jesse told me about the Gu Roctane and that it "rocked" her run [ha!], so I tried it out and it was awesome. Really. 

What was not awesome was the flavor, texture, chewing of this gel substance, but Scottie had ice cold water waiting for me to wash it down. Sidenote: he was curious about this stuff, so I made him try a dabble, he gagged.

So now I'm just truckin' along, feelin' great, the knees are great, the body is great, and I'm just enjoying my tunes and the weather.  Next stop, Leslie's house for water before I hit the Greenline for the long-haul.  Got to her house around mile 8.5, and she had ice cold water and my Luna bar waiting for me.  I also grabbed my chews, which are also great to give you a little energy boost [not like roctane though].
 Now onto the Greenline for the remaining 7 miles.  The Greenline is awesome, people are riding bikes, walking dogs, strolling children, running, and it definitely kept me entertained the whole time, and I knew I was getting to see T at mile 10.5.  Go to Leslie's blog to read about her post from the Greenline Opening Party.  I was still feeling great (from roctane and luna bar I had eaten), and I was loving the weather and the atmosphere.

Hi T!  I was so happy to see him because I was very ready for some Gatorade and water, along with the 2nd Gu (just regular this time).  He made sure my knees were doing ok, and that I was feeling good.  It had already been almost 2 hours at this point, and the next time I would see him I would be done and at Shelby Farms.

Ran past some more happy people enjoying their Saturday, still listening to some good tunes, and then around mile 13, I reached Shelby Farms!  It is cool how they connected the Greenline into Shelby Farms, so I enjoyed the mystery of how I would be getting to Patriot Lake.  Got to the lake around mile 14.5, so just 1.5 mile left!! I can do this!         No I can't. Wall=hit.  It got harder this last mile and a half.  I was definitely getting sore, but it hurt to walk.  I was ready to finish.  

I made my way around the lake and I did it.  I ran a full 16 miles. Yipee! T was waiting for me with the rest of my Gatorade and water, and I sat and talked to him about my run.  It really was a great experience and made me not as nervous for the marathon [even though I would have 10 MORE MILES TO GO].

I know I can do this, I'm doing it for a great memory and for a great cause.

Last thing, one of the [many] reasons I love my job... I get to see flowers open up in one day.  Look how pretty!


recent running thoughts

During my runs, I like to look at people's grass and plants and trees.  It's awesome to see trees that are so old/so enormous, and then running by them often, you'll notice when things change.  There are a few trees I pass that have developed these white mushroom-y looking things?  Not sure what those are.

Once I saw a house re-sod their front yard, and then they pumped the water to it all summer because it would have died in less than a week with the weather we have had here.  So then hundreds of tiny little mushrooms started sprouting up all over it.  Interesting?

Nature is very cool, and I like to observe the goings-on of what God made for us to enjoy.  I love running outside for this very reason.

Another thought, that has nothing to do with nature, but something I do see while running, is I'm curious when people started decorating their houses for Halloween?  And I don't mean a carved pumpkin and a hay-bale on the front stoop.  I mean goblins, coffins, spider webs, axes, cat skeletons, people coming out of the ground, and so on and so on.  I mean, I'm all for celebrating holidays to the max, but I just wonder why?  Maybe their having an awesome Halloween party/haunted house sort of deal.  I sure hope so, because they'd be rockin'.

Last thought, when do you become a for real runner?  When you have to buy a 2nd pair of shoes while training for a marathon????

Because there is #2 (exactly the same as #1, pink AGAIN...ahh).  My 15 miler on Sunday was cut short because my knees started killing me, and the smart side of me (aka T) said to stop so I didn't hurt myself.  So I went over to the local running store and asked him if the shoes are really getting worn down.  Lo and behold, marathon shoes #2 were purchased and I'm headed out for an 8-miler for their debut.


tuesday morning

We had such a fun weekend this past weekend with the Lott's in town celebrating Aaron's platinum birthday.  Head over to Margie's blog to see a great recap, and Gib's new girlfriend/soulmate.

The Carters are loving this time of year, but really ready to get into the cooler temps, but this morning was a perfect temperature outside.  Here is what I'm enjoying this tuesday morning...

Pretty orange mums, little violets, and the Gib enjoying the weather outside.  He's a real cutie.  I think it's time for a pumpkin spice latte, but I need to find out how to make my own.


cheery little things

October brings happy to my days.  My parents went on a nice vacation this summer, and mom brought me back the most beautiful place mats (with coordinating napkins), but I haven't been able to use them.  October means I finally do.

Told you, beautiful, right?  I think she got them somewhere in France or Italy and are hand-painted (she went to too many places in one trip for me to keep track).  

Chilly mornings like these are a reason for me to wear these festive cozy socks that T got for me at Target the other day.  Gibson loves them too, and wishes they made them in his size. :)

Time to pull out the sweaters, scarves & boots!


hello there october

I have already been able to do a few of the things on the list below, which makes me very excited.  Pumpkin cookies are on the list for this week.  T and I found the perfect pumpkin that is sitting on our stoop, and we accomplished something awesome that we've been wanting to do for over a year, and I got some beautiful yellow mums for the front urns.  I don't want to sound all braggy, but I reveal phase 1 of our front landscaping!  That's right, we actually did it.

Feels pretty nice to drive up to a home with some bushes in the front beds.  Thanks for the help, Pam and Steve, we wouldn't have made the jump without a little push from the two of you!

Oh, and here is the perfect pumpkin I was telling you about.  The cute couple selling them called them harry potter pumpkins.

And thanks to the Commercial Appeal blog for the shout out about my fall post! And as usual the beginning of every month, I give you all a nice monthly desktop wallpaper, hope y'all are all still enjoying them!  This was an easy one for me, as I love pumpkins and fall.

Now time for another pumpkin spice latte.