our good buddy asnow

There is this photographer from OKC that is awesome.  His name is Aaron Snow, here he is!

photo from ASnow

He took our wedding photos that were beautiful and perfect and I'm sure you've seen a plethora of them here on this place.  We came to know Aaron well the weekend of our wedding, back in 2008, and also when he came for my bridals.  We had a great time during all these festivities and became friends with him.  He was already good buddies with my bro-in-law, JonnyJ.

Over the last year and a half I have sent him a few brides, and a couple of them are from Memphis, so he got to come back to visit us!  We were unfortunate to not ever get to have engagements [during our engagement] with him because tdud had braces at the time, and didn't want any photos taken.

This past weekend he was here for a wedding, and came early on Friday to take some photos of us... aka our "engagements."  He pretty much styled the whole shoot from clothes to flowers to location, and [even though we were all sweating] it was so much fun!

He posted a long, lengthy post with some of the [awesome] photos, so go check it out, but here is a little preview....

all photos belong to Aaron Snow Photography of Oklahoma City, OK


life as I know it.

Adopting little Gibson has been one of the best things that's happened to us (besides marriage of course).  I look at that cute little face and know that he really loves us.  He is my little shadow and while I think it's silly, I secretly love it.  Gibson lives in the moment, and ever since he has come to live with us, I've changed my way of thinking.

I used to hope for the next thing to come... getting married, buying a house, traveling, having a baby [in the future], but there is no need for that.  I was missing out on what was happening around me, and I wasn't appreciating life as it was [which was great]!

This sweet lil man has taught me so much.  If I'm having a rough day, he doesn't care, he'll just snuggle up in my lap and remind me that it doesn't really matter, it'll work out, just sit here and pet me and enjoy life as it is.

I'm just livin' life with my 2 boys and I love it.


happy july everyone & a quick june recap

It seems the summer has flown by, and so much has happened in the past month.

Dudley traveled to New Jersey... twice.  On one of the trips he got to hop over to the big apple, but didn't get to see much in the couple hours he was there.  We will go back one day.

Gibson discovered this new sleeping position that he loves and it makes me smile.  T liked to see it while he was gone.

While he was on one of his Jersey trips, I made a big clock to hang in a montage over our couch.  Here is a little glimpse into what it looks like.

I went to our church's summer camp : Camp Highland- and had an awesome week.  God was present among all the kids and teens, and they were rejoicing.  It was so great to be around them and see how the Lord has been working in their lives.

Gibson spent a week in Oxford with T's parents [while we were both gone], and had a blast!  I think Mr. Tim found a new best buddy [besides Duna, of course], and was sad to see him go.  At least he was on his best behavior and invited back!

And then I came home to poison ivy/oak. BOO.  I haven't been able to run because hot and sweat cause it to be irritated.  Marathon is still on though people, don't you worry.  I'll catch back up!

And then it is July and tomorrow is our annual Pidgeon Estates Parade [in my parents neighborhood].  The new addition for the parade this year is a uni-cyclist.  Should be awesome.

And then it was time to share yet another desktop wallpaper, and it might be my favorite one so far!

I wish you all a Happy 4th Weekend, eat lots of watermelon and ice cream and enjoy being with friends and family!

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