november is a whirlwind

I feel like just yesterday I posted our little wedding montage, but it's already the end of November.  In one day, it'll be December 1. Wow.

Lot's has happened these last few weeks-- T and I headed to the mountains to celebrate our 2-yr anni.  It was a wonderful relaxing long weekend, and we enjoyed all the cheesiness that g-burg has to offer.  At Cades Cove we got up close and personal with some bucks [one charged at us] and T was just in heaven.  I made him pose with the deer.  The whole trip all I did was look in the woods for bears.  I just wanted to see one bear.  Well I saw 3!

We enjoyed a big ol' pancake breakfast at the infamous Pancake Pantry.  T had choco chip, I had sweet potato and they were divine.  We also got some airbursh tshirts and our names "Dudley & Martha 4ever" carved in a wooden plaque.  [I'm joking, but there is an option for either of those in every other store]

My sweet fren Audrey suggested we have dinner one night at the Buckberry Lodge, and dummy me forgot about it until we got there.  We drove past it on the way up the mountain to our condo, and I remembered!  It was the best meal I've eaten in I don't know how long.  We started with the [best] fried calamari, even T ate it.  Then we had a delicious shrimp "compliments of the chef," and homemade bread with sweet butter or goat butter.  I went out on a limb and tried the goat butter and I couldn't get enough of that stuff. MMM.  T enjoyed a juicy filet, and I licked my plate of halibut, veggies & rice.  We ended this deliciousness [because we weren't full yet] with homemade peach cobbler & ice cream.  I'm telling you, best meal I've had in awhile.  If you're ever in the G-burg area, I highly suggest you make a reservation at this place.  You won't regret it!

For Thanksgiving, we headed on down to Scooba to visit with T's Granny and made some precious memories I'll always remember.  We slept on our air mattress and every night we ended up smooshed together in a canyon.  Air mattress is now in the trash, and Audrey & Ross tried to warn us there might be a leak.  Should have listened to you guys!  I learned a fun new card game, we fished, and ate, and ate, and ate, and ate funnel cakes.  I had enough food last weekend to tide me over for the marathon this weekend (too bad it doesn't really work like that).

When we got home we celebrated my [little] brother's birthday with my grandma and aunt & uncle who were in town for thanksgiving.  We stuffed our faces at the best mexican in town [Las Delicias], and then enjoyed Scottie's request for a "boston cream pie cake."  Mom and grandma made it and it was very delish!  Happy birthday little Scottie! [I know you're not so little anymore]

We closed out our wonderful holiday weekend by trimming our tree.  T absolutely loves Christmas [as do I], and couldn't wait to put the tree up!  Now we can enjoy this beaut for all of December.

Gibson found his Santa toy and can't get enough of him...carries him around everywhere, and I found this little part alone in the den = Santa's mustache.

This week I'm gearing up for the ol' marathon!  It's finally here, and I'm ready.  Hope you all enjoyed a wonderful Thanksgiving.  I am so thankful for my health, family, puppy, friends, and most importantly, my hubby who takes care of me everyday.  I'm thankful for the sweet memories I'll have from Thanksgiving twenty ten.


It's been 2 years!

Happy anniversary to my sweet T.Dud!  Like everyone says, I can't believe it's already been two years, but I really can't.  Looking back through the photos it feels like it was just yesterday, and it was the perfect day.  We became a family together, forever.  So I was looking through photos, and then started feeling sappy, but realized I never really shared a lot of the wedding photos with cyberspace.  So I'm going to today... Enjoy that perfect day through photos....  all photos courtesy aaron snow photography.

This is what we were doing 2 years ago -

Happy anniversary sweet Dudley, I love you more now than I did 2 years ago.  And so does our dog-child, Gibson!




It is November, and just 4 more Saturdays until the marathon.  I can't believe it, and I also can't believe that I ran 18 miles this past Sunday, what in the heck?  I'm crazy.

While I train/run all week I listen to my tunes and just try to get in the zone, and I look at a lot of foliage as I go [I think I've talked about this before].  I notice grass types, flowers, trees, and lately I've been noticing even more types of leaves because they are all on the ground (where I usually look).  I've been trying to learn how to determine the different types, oak leaves, maples leaves, dogwood leaves, magnolia leaves, and mostly ginkgo leaves.  I don't think there is a prettier tree than a ginkgo.  The leaves are a perfect and unusual shape, and the most beautiful yellow you've ever seen.  I know you all probably know what it looks like, but these are just beautiful, and I think I've convinced the t.dud that we need one in our backyard.

November is the time to see the pretty yellow and the cute little leaves on the ground.  Our November is booked solid with long runs consuming our weekends, plus a little anniversary getaway, plus thanksgiving holidays in Scooba, but this weekend I'm headed to one of the best places on earth [but will be missing one part of that].

miss you, fren.

Heading with Leslie & Cindi to visit the lake and enjoy the fall colors/foliage and some antiquing, and of course, 'Grandmother & Granddad.'  Leslie can hardly contain herself to see this beautiful place, and visit these two.  Enjoy November everyone, and savor every moment.