busy life... lately... a few things

Since my new work adventures I've felt more busy than having a full-time/40hr job, but I'm loving it.  I love being able to do multiple tasks and I love the opportunities that have [graciously] fallen into my lap.  We are blessed.

A few things as of late...

Last week on Audrey's day off we got to play... Sno cone time (of course) and some gardening.  Trying to help her develop a green thumb... but I might just always enjoy being her friend to inspire her (and really help her) garden because I enjoy it!  I love how her front urns turned out--sweet potato vine, verbena, and vinca.

Margie is expecting baby Jewel in September and we had a shower for her a couple of weeks ago.  I made a little onesie with a J on it.  I've always wanted to make a onesie with a colonel reb on it (hotty toddy!), but it was one of those things where I didn't know if you'd be able to tell if it was actually the colonel.  T printed out an image of colonel reb for me to cut out a cute fabric of him.  I just couldn't tell if it was noticeable, so I waited to attach it and get the Lotts opinion.  Well Aaron (of course) immediately said it was colonel reb.  Yay--mission accomplished.

Last Friday night Leslie and Jonathan came down with an awful stomach bug (that I ended up getting as well on Saturday--AWFUL!), so I went to scoop up the little niece and played with her Friday night with Grammy and Grandad.  We had a ball, but she is a busy bee... but also the cutest thing I've ever seen!  She and Grammy and Grandad and Uncle T are lucky to have not gotten that bug!

 reading the eensy weensy spider and BUSY

This week we had a going away dinner for the other Memphis Guinn family.  My uncle's family is moving ALL THE WAY to Portland, OR (they left today!) and Tuesday we had a nice family time, good food (burgers, a Guinn favorite), and fun memories shared.  I can't remember my Uncle Gary and Aunt Gwynne not living in the same town as us, so we will miss them and Henry and Mae in Memphis!

And of course, went to Jerry's again this week but took Geritta for the first time!  Mandi had taken Gerisha the week before and they guessed she would probably get a root beer supreme.  They were right!  She loved it and we had a great time.

It's almost time for Streets to start back up, and she will be at a new school this year!  I'm excited to see how she transitions to the school and enjoy her high school experience much more.

Whew!  Busy end to a couple of weeks and ready for the weekend again and time to spend with T-dud.  I can't believe it's almost August...  Summer has flown by this year.


july desktop calendar has arrived!

Check it out over  --> here.

Sorry for the tardiness, been all over town.  Who enjoyed some fireworks last night?? We did.  It was called,  The Bamboozle, and it was awesome.


Happy Birthday America!

Happy 4th of July everyone!

We spent the morning at my childhood neighborhood parade with popsicles, firetruck water fountain, music, parade, streamers, flags, all the works.  Always our favorite event of the year.

Uncle Sam (aka, t-dud) visited our house last night and left us an amazing flag in our driveway.  Happy Independence Day everyone!  I'll be back with a July desktop soon...