shower for baby davis

On Saturday, Leslie, Mandi, Stacey and I hosted a baby shower for our fellow Bridgebuilder, Hayley Davis. She and her husband Kelby aren't finding out the gender of the baby, so everything was neutral, which I loved. This shindig was at the ole Fiesta house, and it was a grand ol' time. I'll show you things through these photos.

Sis took these for me as I was trying to finish up last minute things and put on makeup, so thanks for that, and then we weren't very good at take photos with actual people in them, or even Hayley. [Oh well, we are trying to get better.]

All the food was delicious, Leslie and Mandi did a great job preparing the edibles. Stacey and I supplied the beverages. You can read about Leslie's food adventures here.

My first time to use that awesome wood tiered server. Thanks to Whole Foods for those nice flowers, and I got lucky and forsythia bloomed in my backyard so I just snipped a few sprigs to add to the flowers.

We wanted to have decor that Hayley could take home and use. Laura made that cute Baby Davis banner using fabric that Hayley used in the nursery. I hope she finds a good spot for it!

Good eats...

Good sweets...

Some drinks...

I made her a sweet little onesie with a 'd' on it for baby Davis using her nursery fabric. Hung that on the door and then she got to take it with her.

More forsythia!

Sitting on the coffee table were some little bottles and canisters filled with cotton balls and baby qtips for her to enjoy as well.

We really did have a swell time meeting Hayley's family and chatting with fellow friends. It was a beautiful day outside and I hope to host more fun showers in the future!


it's t's birthday

Happy birthday to the sweetest man - T Dudley Carter. He's nice, I like eem [love eem], and he likes [loves] me.

He is now 25 years old, and last night as we were going to sleep he said, "I don't want to be 25." Hehe, my sister and I had this same conversation last year when she turned 25. I told eem it'd be a great year for us, and then next year I'd turn 25 for him so he wouldn't be alone.

Just wanted to share some things I found this morning looking through some old photos of this guy. What a guy he is.

His usual face when dancing...

Well isn't that sweet... 

He studied like this in college.... And made all A's.

This was fun. A sweet serenade from my new husband of a couple hours.

He really does like me.

His good buddies... and Aaron Snow. Thanks for this, Ellen.

Ladies first.

Right before we got married. I never saw this until today. Were you looking for me outside?

More of the sweet serenade joined by Aaron Lott.

I couldn't leave this one out, could I?

Or this one...

T. Diddy.

A little birthday tribute to you, bub/schnookums/boo/t/tdud etc etc. I love you.


my little protector

Besides my stud of a hub to protect me, I have lil' Gibson. He is doing a great job protecting me during busy season, and we have formed a strong bond. [Only a few more nights of busy season 2010!!!!!!!!!!!!!!]

He follows me around/is always at my feet.

He protects me when I'm laying in bed.

He likes to lay in my lap like a human baby.

I don't think I would understand life with out this little man. He has brought so much happiness into our world and I don't know what we would do with out him. Can you tell we love him? I only blog about him in every other post...

Soon I will post some house updates. We've been doing a few things here and there and I can't wait to show you what T (and help from Ryan) built me. I just love it!


yesterday was green

I posted yesterday that I was going to make my hubs green eggs [and ham], and I kind of said it half joking half serious. With busy season still trucking along, I never know what time he will get home so I always wait to make dinner until closer to time.

So he gets home last night and said, "are we having green eggs and ham?" :) I said, "yes! I don't have any ham though, how's [turkey] sausage and waffles for ya?"

The green eggs were actually made and they were very green [and I felt so festive]. Here's your proof.

It was a little delicious dinner eaten on green plates as well, I know that T loved it. We each had a Muddy's cupcake to eat, but by the time we were done with dinner it was late and I was full. That's our lunchtime dessert for today.


happy st patty's day

I hope you are all wearing your green. If not, go put some on or you'll get pinched [Elise].

Happy green day to everyone. Maybe I'll make my hubs some green eggs [and ham] for brinner tonight.



a great opportunity

Save1Pet is where we got our sweet Gibson. I just found their page on facebook, and there are so many animals that need good homes. Go visit their page and see some of the sweet faces [and also Gibby's debut over there]. One of the reasons we loved this organization is because the animals are all in foster homes. They are not kept in a kennel, they are loved by foster parents and trained. Gibson came to us house trained, and I know it's because his foster parent really cared for him.

I encourage you if you're looking to get an animal to consider adopting. It is a great opportunity to save a life of a sweet little animal in need of a good home.

Here are some photos I found of our little man while perusing through the old phone photos...

[you might not be able to see well, but he's wearing a glo necklace to celebrate Ellen's bday!]

[and I tried to win the Pioneer Woman's dog photo contest with this one]


March 9

celebrating both our March birthdays at Granny's last week

It was a great birthday! Thanks for all the birthday wishes to make March 9, 2010 another awesome birthday. I will say I have such a sweet husband, but I already knew that before my birthday. He planned a little surprise gathering with friends at a local restaurant, and it was so much fun. I even ran into fellow March 9th-er, and we enjoyed a birthday toast. :)

23 was a great year for me. We bought a house and fixed it up, I passed the 1 year mark at my job, we adopted the SWEETEST pup you've ever met, celebrated our first anniversary, and spent the holidays with our family and friends.

I'm really looking forward to 24 because I know it will be another great year. Bring it, 24.


just for my husband

Last weekend I went to see a country singer with my husband. I wanted to be a supporting wife since he took me to see Rain: A Tribute to the Beatles show in January, which was pretty awesome [and he even liked it].

So Dudley loves country music... opposites attract, right? Because of this, I seem to know a lot of country songs by listening to them over and over and over and over again and again and again. Well, Eric Church [one of his faves and most often played] was playing in Oxford at the Lyric. When my good friend Katie Martin [rockette for those of you wondering] said she was going with her boy, I said, aww, ok if you go, I'll go. So we did. And I will say I had a great time. Dudley got to hear Eric Church with his buddies, and I got to laugh and have fun with Katie [who had just run the half-marathon because she's awesome].

[hi pretty friend]

And this is just because I love my husband.

On another note, Gibson has a new girlfriend. The 80 pound cute yellow lab, Luna Addington. You can see a video of their love over on Elise's blog. Watch for the end when Gibson looks up at Elise smiling. :)


it's almost here

I feel like I can taste the spring time. The forecast for Memphis this weekend will be s'lovely. Me and the T have a nice weekend planned, we're going with the flow, doing what we please. It will be great. Maybe Gibson will get to go explore at Shelby Farms? It would be his debut in a public park. After his few escapes in the neighborhood, he can't go anywhere without the gentle leader. Period. He now has to ride in the car with it on [and in the backseat, too], it makes him calm. He hasn't gotten used to the car yet. But I will say he is still adorable when gentle leader is on. :)

Another reason I love March is because it's the end of busy season. People, it's almost over, and I can hardly wait. Here are some things I want to do in the spring time:
  • Landscape our yard
  • Attend many Farmer's Markets [downtown]
  • Go to the zoo & see the Teton Trek
  • Begin my marathon training (what? I just put this out there... big step)
  • Walk to Muddy's with Gibby and T
  • Garage Sale (April 17 - haha, T and Jonny)
  • Go on a weekend getaway with my hubs - Anyone have any ideas for us?
  • Take T to Jerry's Sno Cones (he didn't get to go last summer)
  • Run the Double Decker 10K
  • Run the Youth Villages 5K
  • Go to the lake with the Stephens
I love the spring time almost as much as I love fall. I can taste it, it's almost here!

As promised, the birthday banner hangs.


march is [one of] my favorite months

First of all, I can't believe it's already March. I have always loved March, but probably because it's the month of my birthday, and Dudley's, too. My birthday is at the beginning, T's is at the end, so really a month of celebration, and for a few weeks we're the same age.

So in honor of March, I acquired the cutest birthday banner this weekend from Neilson's [on the square in Oxford]. I scored this purchase because I found a gift card with $$ on it from wedding times. I got this and a cute pillow and one of my favorite candles that are always too expensive to buy without a giftcard or the like. Anyway, the banner is cute and will hang in our house the month of March. [I'll post a photo of it later]

The March desktop calendar. I got some great feedback from last month's, thank you! In honor of birthday month march, I had to use a cupcake, but everyone loves cupcakes, right? For copyright purposes, the pattern came from Maddy Hague of Inspired Bride, I just used it and changed a few things around. This is for personal use only. Thanks.

Enjoy! [Let me know if it doesn't work right for you.] Happy March!

March desktop 1024 x 768
March desktop 1600 x 1200