words with friends

Has taken over our household. My cute lil hubs got himself an iPhone. I'm sure you've seen him around facebook recently... a lot... Anyway, sister told us about this game where you can play scrabble against other people who have the app. Well it is played CONSTANTLY at our house.

Dudley: "It's your turn"
Martha: "I know, I don't have any good letters to play"

[5 minutes later]

Dudley: "Have you played yet?"
Martha: "no, not yet"

[5 minutes later]

Dudley: "Have you played yet?"
Martha: "No, I'm trying to figure out what to play and see what's going on in Las Vegas"
Dudley: "You should just go ahead and play"
Martha: "I played"

[2 seconds later]

Dudley: "Didn't you just play that word"
Martha: "Yes, I have 3 i's to play"

I could go on and on and on.... I have found some others to play this game with, and it is fun tough to keep up sometimes.

Anyone else playing words with friends?


this is it

So Elise and Ellen have been wanting me to go to spin class with them for months now... I have either been super busy or felt bad that I had my membership at the Y. Well I finally went and I loved it. This is it, this is the exercise I like. It was intense, good music, hot, sweaty, fast paced, etc. Elise is right when she talks about how great Laurie is as a teacher. She makes you want to push yourself. I think I will be going to this whenever they are going [since Elise is the ticket in], and I'm going to love it.

They came over for dinner after spinning and we all enjoyed smelling each other from all the sweatiness of spin. Just kidding, we ate some yummy spinach quesadillas and some chili and Gibson was our entertainment, along with my husband [such the comedian] when he got home around 8:45pm.

Gibby and his new favorite friend. Can't you tell he loves all people?


gibson is a good helper

When I am doing projects...

I have done a few things at the house this week, well one of them I did a long time ago, but I'll share it now.

When we bought our house I found all these huge frames and a couple of them I decided to use for some bulletin boards. One I spray painted, and the other one I left wood [but should have spray painted].

Here is what I did in photos with the small one, and then I did the same thing for the bigger one.

1. The frame of your liking. Make sure you measure the dimensions where you are able to staple the cork into.

2. Roll of cork and foam board [cut to dimensions you measured earlier].

3. Some fabric. After you cut your foam board and then glue the cork over that (I used 2 layers of cork), lay it on top of the fabric and cut the fabric leaving some room around the edges so you can staple it to the foam board.

Let your cute pup help you with this part. :) They like to walk on fabric and thing you do on the floor.

And then your silly hubs will wrap him up in it so there is plenty of dog hair as extra decoration.

4. Staple the cork [foam] board covered in fabric to the frame. I had a heavy duty stapler, but that went through the front, but a regular office stapler worked fine for me!

5. Voila. Hang up your stuff and you have a cute and inexpensive new bulletin board.

Here is the larger one in the "office" room [that isn't so much an office right now]

[sorry photos are kind of weird, I'm not as good at using t's camera]

I also added something to our living room [that one day will be a library]. Dudley's mom gave us this old record player cabinet and it's awesome. The radio works, but the record player doesn't. Maybe I'll try to paint it one day, but for now I'm leaving it as is. The top of it was a little beat up, so I thought I try to whip up a cute table runner.

After the estate sale at our house, I found this huge bag of fabric in the huge street trash pile. This fabric was in the bunch, and long enough for a runner. Perfect.

What do you think?


amendment 2 : the human dog

I know everyone is probably ready for me to post about something other than this silly little pup, but I can't help it. He does something funny/new everyday. This is the latest.

He wants to be a human. He likes to be held [by Dudley] and will jump up to him. When Dudley picks him up he is happy as a clam. [is that the phrase? are clams happy?] Anyway, we believe that he is a human.

Exhibit A:

Exhibit B:

He was so content in this position. Didn't move. At all. When T put him back on the floor, he just whimpered and wanted to get back up.

Hilarious little one, that Gibby. At least he's getting in some good practice, right?


an amendment [to previous post]

Dudley found a new game to play with Gibby. At the end of this video, you will be able to see what I'm talking about when I say he just stands there and squeaks it. :)

one spoiled little man

Sorry for the brief hiatus from an update, I know everyone was just dying for an update... :)

Gibson is such a joy and we love this little man. He is such a part of our family now and I don't know what we would do without that little face. No matter what kind of day either of us have had, he is always happy and ready to see us when we get home. He has such a personality and is just hilarious.

He got a new chipmunk squeaker from Santa in his stocking and his name is Alvin. Gibson loves him. He will just stand there with Alvin in his mouth squeaking away. I hear that this brand will last a long time and that he won't be able to tear it up. We'll see how long he lasts with Gibby boy. I'm just going to post a whole bunch of photos [taken by cell phones] of what this spoiled guy has been up to lately...

He loves the couch. Never wants to leave, and if we are in his spot, he will walk all over us until we move so he can curl up. What do we do about this spoiled little man? He loves to sit on the stool and gaze out the window in search of a squirrel to chase. He normally lays on the rug and watches over the kitchen if I'm in there cooking.

He is getting more used to riding in the car, but still shakes and pants after awhile. He does like going to visit the Carters in Oxford and has made himself at home there. See 2nd photo. We caught him laying like a human on a pillow on the couch while we played phase 10. He just has the sweetest face, maybe that's why he's so spoiled.

A glance into the day and the life of Mr. Gibson... Sorry for the poor quality iPhone photos. One day I'll put up some good ones from T's fancy camera.