new pillow

So ever since we got our bedding, I have been on the hunt for a throw pillow. With white shams I wanted it to be a color, but it couldn't be a strong pattern because that's what the duvet is. I think I found one that is perfect. Thank you, Target. I saw this little charm and thought that it would be perfect because of the blue and brown mixed together with a little pattern to it, and not just solid blue.

Your thoughts?

The complete look.


such a heavenly time of year

I'm so excited about spring this year! I love everything that happens in the spring.. trees, easter, baseball, farmer's market, fishing (with Dudley of course), running, sunshine, flowers, double decker in Oxford, the END of busy season, everything! It is now officially in my mind this time of the year. Heavenly day.

This year will be extra special because Dudley and I have bought a house! We will be painting, landscaping, and moving into it this spring/summer, and we are looking forward to such a fun and special time for us! I can't wait to post before/after pics because this house needs our TLC. We will make this house our home together, and it will be so different than how it looks now. We are so excited!

I'm loving this picture right now, and since I wasn't blogging around wedding time, just thought I would share! If it were in color, you would be able to see my blue shoes. :)


another birthday

Well today is my sweet husband's birthday. We are both fortunate to have our birthdays in the same month. It is fun for us! For the last 3 weeks we have been the same age, but it stops today. He's 24 and wanted me to call him Jack Bauer all day today. :)

Some things about Dudley...

He goes by his middle name, his first name is Timothy (he loves being called Timmy)... He is hardworking... Determined... Loving... AVID, and I mean AVID hunter. This was his cake at our wedding, he had to design it himself... He loves country music... He is always singing a song, usually the same line over, and over, and over again... He has an afro (check it)... He has to sleep with a fan on... He is my best friend.

Happy Birthday love! I love you.

Oh, and a little shout out to Aaron Snow... thanks for this "old Elk lodge" photo. You are a genius.


the golden ticket

It's true. I have found the golden ticket. The coffee here at work tastes like tar. In the beginning, I drank it and just dealt with it, but now, I can't. It's terrible. After being in Oxford and being spoiled by Bottletree, I can't bring myself to drink such horrendous coffee. This is what I have found.

Via. Starbucks has created instant coffee. Ok, so it sounds kind of weird and gross at first, but if you work in an office with tar coffee, it is amazing. I got 2 free samples in the mail, and they came yesterday. I was so excited this morning when I knew that I could have coffee, and it wouldn't taste like tar. It would taste like Starbucks. They came up with the name "via" because it is an old Italian word for road. They thought it was the perfect name for a Starbucks coffee that you can enjoy wherever you go. I don't really see myself being an avid buyer of this product, but it is great. While sitting in my cube, trying to wake up, I can now enjoy drinking my coffee and not force it down unwillingly.


the thank you notes.

Well... I have done it, finally. Having something hanging over my head drove me nuts, but I had the hardest time finishing. Well they... are... DONE. I am still waiting for a few addresses, but I have finished our thank you notes before March 15th, which was my goal. I think I wrote 500 thank you notes. Honestly. We were very blessed by so many people with so many nice things, and again, thank you to everybody for "showering" us with your gift.

We have had so much fun together as newlyweds, and are still having a blast. Yes, this is a video of my celebratory dance I did last night when I finished the last one. I look like a fool, but I was just too excited.


the 23rd birthday

Well thank you everybody for all of the birthday wishes! It was a very sweet day, and I enjoyed some awesome sushi at Do with my husband and the Stephens. Wonderful time, wonderful friends, wonderful day...

So, 23, what does that mean to me? Well pretty much the same as 22. What do I want to do in my 23's? Well lets see... I want to be a great wife to Dudley and continue to learn about marriage, I want to grow more as a person and become more of an influence to people, I want to volunteer more, I want to not complain, and the list goes on. And on.

22 was an exciting year for me! I got engaged, graduated from college, got my first job, and got married. A lot has happened, but it was perfect. Thank you, 22, for giving me such a great year. I hope 23 is even more wonderful and fun.


at the moment.

This morning on my drive to work, I drove past a man driving an explorer while smoking a pipe.

Just wanted to put that out there, also, my hair is finally long enough for me to have a tiny ponytail, but of course with many bobbypins involved...

Also, I never wrote about the amazing snow we had in Memphis. I wish I had some photos to document the intense snowball fight that I had with Leslie. It was probably the best that anyone had in the city. My parents, Dudley, and Jonathan stood by laughing and watching us attack each other with hands full of snow. I will say that Dudley compacted a nice snow ball rock that he pegged at my calf that paralyzed me for a few seconds. It was dark outside, so none of my mom's pictures turned out. Here are a few from driving in the car on Saturday. Sunday, everything was COVERED in snow. It was so beautiful!

Sorry they are so dark, Dudley's windows are tinted...