I've always loved a good pair or fun pair of socks, but never knew how important a good pair was until I trained for the marathon last year.  Sure, when I ran the half-marathon I had some good running socks, but my go-to pair now are on a whole new level. 

These are the ones.  The ones that make my feet feel so great... the smartwool ultra-light running socks.

Wool in the summer?  Well, you just don't know how magical these socks are.  I had to get a new pair yesterday as my old green ones got a hole from my big toe during the marathon.  Can't wear those running anymore, but you better believe I'll still wear them for yard work or just around the house.  I love these socks.  Plus, it's probably all mental that I think these socks make me run "better" right?


july comin' at ya

We had a fun & splendid weekend celebrating our family's 2nd christmas-like holiday of the year--4th of July!  The Long Leaf/Pidgeon Estates parade was a success and our annual kickball/fireworks show was super fun over at Tarbet Cove.  Team Watermelons won the kickball match and I'm so glad my brother was able to come this year to join in on the fun.  He had a good time laughing at all those cute kids and their funny shenanigans.

My man made some awesome baked beans all by himself and he did a superb job.  They were SO very delicious!  See how well he did (pre-oven)?!

So, I'm about to be an aunt pretty soon and I can't wait!  Little Juliette is closer to arrival and we are all patiently (and eagerly) awaiting to see her precious face.  I helped my sis clean up the nursery and put away all her tiny little clothes.  Some people sure make some hilarious baby clothes, and I think this is silly and she will never wear it (although what it says is a true statement).  I'll just show her the picture and we can laugh at it together. :)

I've also helped my sister with some burp cloths for little Juliette, and they have turned out super cute.  She found the tutorial via Sabbespot.  This is my favorite one we've done so far...

It's funny most of the photos taken lately have me in them because Leslie doesn't want any photos taken of her.... normally I don't post only solo shots. Oops.

And I hope you all have been waiting for this because the July desktop is special.  My bff Laura who lives in Italy right now has taught herself to paint and she does some awesome things.  She painted this and I wanted to use it here.  I think it's so cheery and love it!  Thanks Laura!  You can read about her adventures here.

Things within blogger have changed for some reason so I no longer post separate links.  I think if you just click on the picture you should then be able to right click and save as desktop image.  Hope it works for everyone!  Stay cool in this hot summer weather!