my sweet granny

It's May 8... Lots has happened in the first week of May around here.  On April 28, my sweet sweet Granny passed away and we all miss her.  She peacefully went to sleep on Saturday night, and is now enjoying seeing her George and other family and friends.

On Thursday before she passed, I pulled up to pick her up from the beauty shop and said, "Granny, I have a surprise for you."  She was so confused as to what kind of surprise she could be getting and stood there and tried to figure it out.  I said, "come on to the car and I'll show you.  I have Leslie with me!"  Her face just lit up and she said, "Leslie!  Does that mean MOLLY is here too??"  I said, "Yes!" She just got so giddy and couldn't wait to get to the car to see them.  She peeked in to see Molly in the back seat and then asked Leslie if she could sit back there with her on the way to lunch.  Leslie rode up front with me and it was so sweet to hear her talking to little Molly in the back seat.

We enjoyed a delightful lunch at Panera, where she got to enjoy one of her favorite things to eat.  Soup in a bread bowl.  She LOVED this.  She told us she remembers the first time she had one and thought how it was the best thing she had ever eaten in her life.  :)

As we finished up lunch she just kept saying how this was just the best surprise and she was so excited to see Molly.  She looked at me and said, "now in this life I just need to see a little Dudley."  I just smiled at her and said, "I hope you do too, Granny!"

So, if you follow me on instagram you might have seen our big news...  Grizz playoff grind...

New parents grind... Baby Carter due November 16, 2013!

I didn't tell Granny that day because it was just a few days until my next appointment and she would have been so excited she would have told everyone our secret!  I thought to myself (and told Leslie after she said, you should have told her), it's just 3 days away...  

She knows now though... :)

So last week was a week of sad times, but also very happy times being with all of the Guinn family and sharing our favorite and special memories of this dear Frances Guinn; mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother, and loving friend to many.  I'm blessed to have shared her name (Martha Frances), and to have been called her golden-haired grand-daughter (the others were brunettes).  

If you got to meet my Granny you know her sweet spirit and loving heart and I hope you treasure your memories with her like we are.

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