ohh, gibson

This little pup is very funny.  When I say he loves us I really mean it.  Dudley says he has separation anxiety, which (hilariously) is probably the case.  Every morning I sleep a little longer than T, he lets the Gib out of his bed and outside, and has to make sure to shut our bedroom door or he would come bounding on top of me on the bed.  This wouldn't be an issue if he didn't shed so terribly.

So when I finally get up and go in the bathroom, he comes prancing in there and the look on his face is SO pitiful.  He has tears running down his face and has been sobbing the whole time he's been out of his bed (looking for me).  Poor little guy!  I can't help it that he's the cutest dog in the world and I snuggle him up and pet him and he's the happiest pup.  I guess we spoil him too much.

Anyone else out there have a pup with a little bit (a lot) of separation anxiety??



We are having a little baby girl Jerkins!!  It was so fun at the announcement get together at their house last night.  You can read about the excitement over on her blog-- Leslie Jerkins.

Now I need to buy something for my little Juliette.... maybe this?!

found via etsy here


and the winner is...


Erin said...
oooh i want one!!! you are so talented!

fave spring activity is yard sale-ing!!
March 10, 2011 7:09 PM

Thanks everyone for participating in this little giveaway!  I hope you all had a lovely spring weekend in the beautiful weather.  Anyone interested in having an illustration done, see the tab at the top for instructions.

Congrats Erin!  Please email me to claim your prize! MCillustrations [at] gmail [dot] com.


digital illustrations

I have shared these on this blog before, but wanted to share an update for all!  Since I posted this post, I have done around 10 digital illustrations for different people.  I even did a couple for some folks in London!  Here are a couple of my favorites that turned out awesome once printed and framed:

Beth Jansen's cute little family -

Aaron Snow's adorable family -

After some thought and tedious [fun] work on these I have a pricing update for all, and I would love to do one for you, too.

MC digital illustrations
$50 gets you a digital drawing of two people (or one person and one animal)
This includes the hi-resolution file (pdf & jpeg) and 2 proofs if changes* need to be made

$20 for each additional human
$10 for an additional animal
$5 for additional proofs if more changes necessary

*A proof is a minor change to the artwork, such as clothing color, hair color, facial feature. If clothing style or face/body structure needs adjustment and it doesn't require a total revamp, that is included as a change as well.

How it works:
You send me photos of the faces for the people in the illustration.  If an animal, send one of him/her sitting.  You can send some notes about specific clothing desired for the people.  I've done wedding dresses & tuxes, sports team attire, a London police officer uniform, and am open for any other creative ideas!  You will contact me via email to inquire, and then send the photos by email as well.  MCillustrations [at] gmail [dot] com.

I will be updating the blog with a section on this information and how to submit photos, etc. for future inquiries.

In honor of the new update, I'll be doing a giveaway through Sunday, March 13 for one free digital illustration!  Post a comment below stating your favorite spring activity to enter for a chance to win.  It will close at midnight on Sunday and the winner will be randomly selected and announced on Monday, March 14.

I hope everyone has an enjoyable weekend!


i like march...

...for many different reasons.  End of busy season, birthday month (for the both of us), spring weather, daffodils, running outside and not freezing, cake, candles, blooms around the city, etc. etc. etc.  Gibson is ready for March too.  He likes to frolic outside.  One other special thing about THIS March is that we find out if baby jerkins is boy or girl! :)

These little guys have popped up again, and I'm always so delighted.

Which inspired....

What's your favorite thing about March?