you want one too?

I have Adobe Illustrator at my fingertips, and I have been tinkering around with the program. I'm sure I'm not even using it the correct way, but I have managed to figure out how to draw things. I originally got the idea when Leslie said she wanted a drawing of she and Jonny for their christmas card. She sent me a photo of them, and I traced the outlines of their faces and hair. She told me the outfits she wanted them to have, so I did all that, and then added little Red, the cat. I think it turned out excellent, if I do say so myself. She got many comments on how great the card was.

Well Aaron Snow said he thought I should do these for people, and sell them. Well, I'm attempting to do it! I didn't want to open up an etsy just for this because it is too personalized to be able to have enough examples. I did come up with a few examples though. See my cute family below. Little Gibby is just so precious.

Contact me if you want one too. You'll send me a photo and I'll get going on it. We will discuss over e-mail all other details about the drawing. I did one for the Stephens, too.

Do you want one too? I know you do! It will cost you only $50 and here is what it includes:

- 2 people and 1 extra (animal or child)
- 3 proofs
- all rights to high resolution file

If you wish you add more than 3, it will be $10 for each additional being. If you require more than 3 proofs, it will be an additional $5.

Email me @marthagcarter@gmail.com for further details and make the subject line cartoon.


Jaeve + Things said...

cute illustrations!

Amy said...

This is so cool! You are so creative! Could it be made into cards to send notes? Thought it might be fun for all the thank you notes we send!

Aaron said...

So glad you are going for it! Remember us when you are on Martha Stewart Show. Thank you.