april desktop

Life is happening.... I'm enjoying every minute of it and my new role!

Here is an April Desktop I've been enjoying. I know.. I just totally skipped March. Whoops!


4 photos and a desktop

It's true... once you have a baby the only photos you take are of the baby... she's just so darn cute! I can't help it.

Hello there... She's getting good at holding that head up!

My friend Allison gave Jane this hilarious octopus toy (and coordinating fabric book) called "Captain Calamari" and I refer to him as The Captain.  She is much more alert in her seat these days (eventually falls asleep), so I thought she might want something to look at and brought out the captain to see if she would be interested like Allison said her daughter was.... and sure enough, she immediately started talking to him! It was hilarious.  The start of a long friendship I'm sure...
(oh, and yes, her paci is HUGE... that is the ONLY brand she will take and that's the next size... at least she will grow into it!)

My sweet Aunt Gail sent Jane a package last week with the most adorable outfit and this necklace.  It's a single pearl necklace that was my Granny's. Aunt Gail said she knew I would find the perfect time to give it to Jane.  Tears were flowing.

Today was a big day... Jane started going to "school." She will go three days a week so I can go to meetings and work, and my dear friend Amy is the director at the school and I have a friend who is a teacher, so I know she is in great hands.  Jane of course did wonderful and didn't cry at all! I only cried when I got back to the car as I was headed to work.  I'll miss my little sidekick these three days, but I know she will love being around the other kids.  She already loves watching her cousins and older friends!

I couldn't get her to look up...

You can go get the February desktop over here... Maybe I'll be back again before it's time for another desktop. ;)


the honest company

A year or so ago (can't remember exactly when it happened), I saw Jessica Alba on the Today Show talking about her company, The Honest Company.  The organic/all-natural company selling products for families.  Diapers, home products, skin products and more.  I immediately checked it out and read all about the products.  I was sold and couldn't wait to try them for our baby on the way.  I couldn't handle how adorable the diapers were and Dudley and I did a comparison and they are close in price to Pampers.  Bonus with Honest, they ship straight to your house and come with wipes too!  I love the wipes.

Our recent monthly shipment of diapers and wipes!  So far the numbers they have allotted for the diaper size has worked great for us.

These little diapers are just too cute for me and they have kept her little booty free from diaper rash!

We have loved these diapers for little Jane.  The newborn size diapers were a little longer in the front than pampers, so we used those for awhile.  Since we are a monthly bundle subscriber we were offered a free product, so I chose the lotion.  Jane had some serious dry skin and no lotion we had was helping.  I thought I'd give this a try and sure enough it has made her skin just perfect!  I'm definitely sold on this company and the next products I want to try are the shampoo and body wash and the conditioner.


eeeh hem... is this thing on?

2014.. Here we are!  I've been enjoying my days at home these past 2 months with the happiest, sweetest, and cutest little Jane bug you ever did meet.

We are just smitten with this little girl. She is just such a treasure.

On another note... Leslie and I designed a planner (with the help of Laura) and they are available for purchase!  At first we were just going to make them for ourselves, but then we started hearing from friends that they would be interested, too.  We couldn't find a planner that we loved, but had aspects from different planners that we loved... So we thought we would put them all together!  Plus it's really cute thanks to Laura's cover!

It has a laminated cover and back.
Month at a glance.
Weekly spreads.
Tons of notes pages in the back.

If you want your very own, head over to Leslie's page and purchase one!  We decided we would sell them for $22 (including shipping), or if you are in Memphis and want to coordinate meeting Leslie or me you can choose the $18 option.

And in honor of our cute planners, I am back with the January desktop calendar! Go here to get it.

Happy New Year everyone!


Jane bug

Our little Jane bug arrived a week early on November 9.  She decided it was time for us to meet her and now we can't imagine life without this little joy.  She's sweet and cuddly and at 3 weeks old is getting more alert and playful!

A quick story of her birth...

Friday, November 8, Dudley and I decided to go out on a date.  We wanted some place casual, but delicious.  Las Tortugas was the choice and on the way there I mentioned, "there aren't going to be many more times for these easy dinner dates."  He smiled and when we got to there I said how it was funny the last time we ate there was the day we found out we were having a little girl.  Maybe it was a sign, I thought...

We enjoyed a lovely dinner and then went and got a redbox movie (Django Unchained).  We called it a night around 11 and went to bed, and the next day we were planning to watch the Ole Miss/Arkansas game and grill these delicious burgers with some friends.

Around 4:45am I woke up to go to the bathroom, and then got back in bed.  I laid down and felt two sharp abdominal pains and thought to myself, "is that a contraction?"  I dozed off a little and then another one came a few minutes later.  I rolled over to get up to go to the bathroom again.  When I stood up I felt something abnormal.  I got to the bathroom and there was a lot of liquid and thought, is this my water breaking?? I don't know?  I woke Dudley up and he immediately got in the shower.  I finished up packing my bag, and then as it got closer to Dudley being ready I started having more contractions.  They weren't unbearable, just uncomfortable.

We got to the hospital around 6:15am and the nurse checked to make sure it was my water that broke, and sure enough it was!  We were going to meet our little lady Jane that day!

Around 7 we got to our room and met our awesome nurse, Jenny.  Literally the best nurse.  We loved her so much.  We then found out that my doctor wasn't on call that weekend, so we would be meeting a doctor that I hadn't seen/met before.  The epidural team came in and got that going and then we just progressed through contractions and visited with family while we waited.

At like 11ish Jenny checked and we were at 7cm, so we thought we had at least 2-3 more hours (I'd progressed about 1cm/hr at that point... so it was just a guess that it might be 2-3 more hours...)

Dudley was kicked back watching the Ole Miss/Arkansas game, I was visiting with my mom and sister, and then doctor came in to meet me/check my progress.  She sat down and checked and said, "yeah you're about 10... let's try and push once."  My mom and sister just stepped behind the curtain, and then after that push she said, "yeah you're ready to go."  Jenny said to my mom and sister it was time to go out to the waiting room, and then the rest of the delivery team came in.  It all happened so fast and then about 30 minutes later I hear "Happy Birthday Jane!" from everyone in the room and then my tiny little girl was laying on my chest!

This little joy was 6lb 11oz and 20 in long.  Our hearts were so full and tears were just flowing.  It was an amazing moment.

Jane Frances Carter
November 9, 2013

She is named after both her great grandmothers (and mommy).  Dudley's Granny Ree (Jane) and my Granny and me (Frances).  What a wonderful day.  What an amazing experience and in the blink of an eye we became parents forever to this girl.  How lucky and blessed we are!

Another special photo to share... My niece Molly was born in March and her middle name is Frances.  So now there is Martha Frances, Molly Frances and Jane Frances (and Jane wrapped in a blanket made by Granny Frances).  Full hearts and Granny is smiling down on us!

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving this year and are extra thankful for our little Jane bug.  She's just a growing and we are having the best time being her mommy and daddy.  Her daddy is sure smitten with her and it is killer watching him love her!
My loves.

I can't believe it's already December!  We are getting out all our Christmas decor and going to pick out our tree today!  Here's to our first Christmas with our Jane as family of 3!

December desktop here thanks to my pal Laura!


baby month!

Wow.  We have made it to November, and I can't believe we will welcome our little baby girl into the world this month.  It's kind of crazy.  It's very exciting.  So many emotions!

Speaking of emotions, I just saw this story on the Today show and tears were flowing!  Now that fall is here I'm craving a run outside and watching this thinking about my marathon run.. wow!  Too much with pregnancy hormones also.

The last few days as a family of 2 and a dog.  It's surreal.  We are both so ready to meet this little girl, but I'm trying to soak up the moments that it's just the two of us.  The moments we just sit around and chill.  Moments we just talk to our cute dog and spoil him.

This is our life....

And we love it and can't wait to throw our little lady Jane into the mix!  It's going to be so fun.

So a best buddy of mine has agreed to make some monthly desktops while I'm transitioning into mommy-hood, and she started this month.  Thanks to Laura for the fun November desktop!  Click here to go get it.  She has been designing some awesome things lately and paints, too!  If you want to enlist her services or inquire about an idea for a project, email her at lalstephens (at) gmail (dot) com.


happy happy fall!

How is it already October? How is it only 6 weeks until our little girl could make her appearance?  Eeee!

So I've just not had time to fit in to sit down to do a desktop for the month of October... but I will send you here and show you one I've been enjoying.. Click here to check out this awesome artist and her lovely desktops.  I might just be taking a break from making these for a few months, so enjoy Rebekka Seale's!

I'll be spending this month soaking up every moment with this guy (my main squeeze)... 

And snuggling as much as I can with this cutie pup...

I love these two guys, but we all can't wait to add our little girlie to the Carter mix!