one spoiled little man

Sorry for the brief hiatus from an update, I know everyone was just dying for an update... :)

Gibson is such a joy and we love this little man. He is such a part of our family now and I don't know what we would do without that little face. No matter what kind of day either of us have had, he is always happy and ready to see us when we get home. He has such a personality and is just hilarious.

He got a new chipmunk squeaker from Santa in his stocking and his name is Alvin. Gibson loves him. He will just stand there with Alvin in his mouth squeaking away. I hear that this brand will last a long time and that he won't be able to tear it up. We'll see how long he lasts with Gibby boy. I'm just going to post a whole bunch of photos [taken by cell phones] of what this spoiled guy has been up to lately...

He loves the couch. Never wants to leave, and if we are in his spot, he will walk all over us until we move so he can curl up. What do we do about this spoiled little man? He loves to sit on the stool and gaze out the window in search of a squirrel to chase. He normally lays on the rug and watches over the kitchen if I'm in there cooking.

He is getting more used to riding in the car, but still shakes and pants after awhile. He does like going to visit the Carters in Oxford and has made himself at home there. See 2nd photo. We caught him laying like a human on a pillow on the couch while we played phase 10. He just has the sweetest face, maybe that's why he's so spoiled.

A glance into the day and the life of Mr. Gibson... Sorry for the poor quality iPhone photos. One day I'll put up some good ones from T's fancy camera.


ultraaddington said...

dear gibson,

you are spoiled. luna says she will share her squeaky toys with you any time.

love, elise

LeslieJ said...

Dear Gibby,

You deserve to be spoiled. I love you.

Love forever, Aunt Sissy