words with friends

Has taken over our household. My cute lil hubs got himself an iPhone. I'm sure you've seen him around facebook recently... a lot... Anyway, sister told us about this game where you can play scrabble against other people who have the app. Well it is played CONSTANTLY at our house.

Dudley: "It's your turn"
Martha: "I know, I don't have any good letters to play"

[5 minutes later]

Dudley: "Have you played yet?"
Martha: "no, not yet"

[5 minutes later]

Dudley: "Have you played yet?"
Martha: "No, I'm trying to figure out what to play and see what's going on in Las Vegas"
Dudley: "You should just go ahead and play"
Martha: "I played"

[2 seconds later]

Dudley: "Didn't you just play that word"
Martha: "Yes, I have 3 i's to play"

I could go on and on and on.... I have found some others to play this game with, and it is fun tough to keep up sometimes.

Anyone else playing words with friends?


Dudley said...

I do not do that

Leslie @ sharpstickintheeye said...

those are some tough letters you have there

Margie said...

i just laughed, because i pictured the convo in my head!

Beth Miller said...

I love words with friends!! Leslie is killing me though :(

Linnae said...

ok i've been hearing about this now so i finally gave i. i joined!! you will have to show me how it all works

Meredith said...

I feel I don't really know what I am doing, but I'm excited about our new game!!

Jesse Faris said...

Exact conversation in our house. Creepy. (I feel so lame-o playing Scrabble with the hubs for entertainment, but the fact that it's on iPhone at least makes it 21st Century lame-o, right?) ;)