this is it

So Elise and Ellen have been wanting me to go to spin class with them for months now... I have either been super busy or felt bad that I had my membership at the Y. Well I finally went and I loved it. This is it, this is the exercise I like. It was intense, good music, hot, sweaty, fast paced, etc. Elise is right when she talks about how great Laurie is as a teacher. She makes you want to push yourself. I think I will be going to this whenever they are going [since Elise is the ticket in], and I'm going to love it.

They came over for dinner after spinning and we all enjoyed smelling each other from all the sweatiness of spin. Just kidding, we ate some yummy spinach quesadillas and some chili and Gibson was our entertainment, along with my husband [such the comedian] when he got home around 8:45pm.

Gibby and his new favorite friend. Can't you tell he loves all people?


LeslieJ said...

he loves me third best!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ultralove said...

such an attractive picture of me....