amendment 2 : the human dog

I know everyone is probably ready for me to post about something other than this silly little pup, but I can't help it. He does something funny/new everyday. This is the latest.

He wants to be a human. He likes to be held [by Dudley] and will jump up to him. When Dudley picks him up he is happy as a clam. [is that the phrase? are clams happy?] Anyway, we believe that he is a human.

Exhibit A:

Exhibit B:

He was so content in this position. Didn't move. At all. When T put him back on the floor, he just whimpered and wanted to get back up.

Hilarious little one, that Gibby. At least he's getting in some good practice, right?


Linnae said...

umm yes that's HILARIOUS! and ridiculous… you guys have a child on your hands.

Mandi said...

I can't stand it! So stinkin' cute.

ultraaddington said...

what an angel puppy. oh how sweet.

Leslie said...

I love how he has one paw on either side of his neck! Adorable! And yes, "happy as a clam" is the phrase, but I too have wondered what makes a little bivalve happy enough to worthy coining a phrase. I might have to Google that... ;)