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When I am doing projects...

I have done a few things at the house this week, well one of them I did a long time ago, but I'll share it now.

When we bought our house I found all these huge frames and a couple of them I decided to use for some bulletin boards. One I spray painted, and the other one I left wood [but should have spray painted].

Here is what I did in photos with the small one, and then I did the same thing for the bigger one.

1. The frame of your liking. Make sure you measure the dimensions where you are able to staple the cork into.

2. Roll of cork and foam board [cut to dimensions you measured earlier].

3. Some fabric. After you cut your foam board and then glue the cork over that (I used 2 layers of cork), lay it on top of the fabric and cut the fabric leaving some room around the edges so you can staple it to the foam board.

Let your cute pup help you with this part. :) They like to walk on fabric and thing you do on the floor.

And then your silly hubs will wrap him up in it so there is plenty of dog hair as extra decoration.

4. Staple the cork [foam] board covered in fabric to the frame. I had a heavy duty stapler, but that went through the front, but a regular office stapler worked fine for me!

5. Voila. Hang up your stuff and you have a cute and inexpensive new bulletin board.

Here is the larger one in the "office" room [that isn't so much an office right now]

[sorry photos are kind of weird, I'm not as good at using t's camera]

I also added something to our living room [that one day will be a library]. Dudley's mom gave us this old record player cabinet and it's awesome. The radio works, but the record player doesn't. Maybe I'll try to paint it one day, but for now I'm leaving it as is. The top of it was a little beat up, so I thought I try to whip up a cute table runner.

After the estate sale at our house, I found this huge bag of fabric in the huge street trash pile. This fabric was in the bunch, and long enough for a runner. Perfect.

What do you think?


LeslieJ said...

me like.

the pup especially :)

Pam said...

Love the amber & pine cone pieces! you have such great style!! Mom

Beth Miller said...

Martha, I love those bulletin boards!! Hopefully I will have the energy to be crafty and attempt this...such a good idea!