memphis soul

The Steve Guinn family moved to Memphis from Texas a year after I was born.  My mom and dad had never moved out of the state.  Grew up in Waco and Dallas and both went to the colleges in their respective cities.  If you have met any Texas people, you know they are very prideful about their state and don't really ever want to move, or if they do they find a way back later in life.

Well Memphis grabbed Steve-o by the heart and he hasn't ever wanted to leave.

Why am I telling you all this?  Well my dad loves music.  He loves horns, he plays the trumpet, and he fully enjoys good soul music.

Memphis is full of soul.  Good soulful tunes.  Have you ever been to the Stax Museum?  If you haven't, you should go and learn about the history that comes from our beloved city.

So... combining the two: dad's love of music/horns and Memphis' soul we have the music we grew up listening to, and I'm so thankful for the memories I have that revolve around my dad and this music.  One album in particular is this one..

Memphis Soul Classics.  

I could tell you every song on this album and which one is coming next because I think it was on repeat in my dad's car, and he always drove us to school.

While I was cleaning out my desk today, I found this ol' album (this is his actual copy, notice the crack in the case = loved) and popped it in and I can't tell you how nostalgic it makes me feel.  Makes me think of happy childhood memories and listing to my dad sing the words and play his air trumpet in the car.  Leslie and Scott know what I'm talking about!

If you can find this gem, I highly recommend you grab it and listen to it over and over again and I promise it'll make you feel soulful and good inside.

We love Memphis and thankful for the history of soul here, and I'm spreading it from my dad to you!



Good morning, friends.

February has been good.  busy season is pretty brutal thus far, but I've had a few fun moments (other than work which is fun) to pass the time.  Luckily, some of these moments involved the busy man himself!

A post full of photos....

I've gotten to pick up my favorite little gal from school a few times and we have dance parties in the car.  I know she knows who I am (and loves me :)), but every time she sees me she excitingly says, "Teeeeee?!?!?!" This is what she calls Uncle T.Dud and it is so sweet how she loves him and asks for him.  My response lately is, "He's at work," and she'll say, "T wowk."  
A note, I didn't take this photo while driving, we were at a stoplight.

 This is Austin. T's not-so-little brother.  He was in his first musical and had a solo!  He did so awesome and it was so fun to see him looking so grown up with his beard.  People, I met not-so-little brother when he was in 4th grade (they are 10 years apart) and now he's a SENIOR about to go to college!

Leslie and I took Granny to lunch (Leslie takes her every week, I joined them this week), and then took her to Muddy's for a cupcake.  It was her first time there and she loved it.

Since I got into sewing in the past few years, I've wanted to sew up a quilt top to make into a quilt for our family.  I found this fabric and thought it was so cute, so I finally started cutting the pieces to sew it up.. I know this will be a long process, but glad to finally start!

Valentine's day 2013.

Friday evening wine and cheese.  Thanks to Aldi for these items, and my valentine for those flowers.

New thing we tried on the green egg... Lobster!  It turned out great (I love lobster) and I think T enjoyed it also (he hadn't ever had it before).  He even tried the broccoli.

Start to (another) new project.  I saw this pattern and immediately fell in love with the words and flowers and colors.  I want this to be a pillow for our bed.  So far I'm really enjoying this during our evening TV time.

 T man's 5 seconds of fame on Fox Sports South.

Sunday morning muffin date.

Sunday afternoon leaf blowing.

February 2013 has been filled with joy in my life, and I'm so thankful the busy time is passing with these moments.  Savoring every one of these moments.



February.  It's usually a pretty boring month except for the Hallmark holiday that is February 14.  It's usually been busy season and is usually when it really kicks into the next gear as they're getting closer to their deadlines (I think? Right T?)  Anyway... I usually think of February and think, bleh.

This year it's already looking pretty eventful!  A few fun work meetings/events to look forward to, getting closer to the arrival of my second Jerkins niece, AND I'm going to start working on my first quilt top, AND we will start our library/living room project!

I can't wait to see what other excitement this month might bring to the Carter house (if there are already quite a few things to look forward to)!

Hope you're still enjoying these desktops (whoever you are) because I really like this one!  February 2013 here.