where's waldo?

A new friend has joined us here at Fiesta.  It's Waldo.

Gibson's Auntie Leslie brought him a new toy, Waldo!  He just loves him, maybe because he tastes like french fries? (he was in her wendy's kids meal)  But anyway, he loves this guy.  He was just playing and playing, and then T and I decided to play a game with him--Where's Waldo?

At first, Gib didn't understand, but eventually he caught on and knew what he was looking for.  See if you can find Waldo in the hiding spots, Gibson did!  Remember, they have to be at Gib level [aka, the ground].



I know anyone who blogs from Memphis talks about how ridiculously hot it is, but it's true.  And I'm going to say it again.


Today, I went to water my clematis at my mailbox (I have 2 blooms now, but I snagged this photo last week when the first one bloomed) :

And I was out there for about 10 minutes or so, and I was (literally) dripping in sweat, and my hair was all of a sudden sweaty.  I really don't think that I have ever experienced this much heat for such a long period of time.  Historical event here.

Thus, marathon training is a bit tricky in this amount of heat.  It's hard to breathe, making it hard to run for a long period of time.  I will say that I have been getting up early in the mornings, and it's kind of enlightening.  I turn up my music, and get to running.  Once I'm in the zone I don't realize how miserably hot it is, but it's only like this before 7 am.  After that, all you can think about is the heat radiating off your body.  All I have to say is, bring on the fall weather, I'll be ready for it and be able to run much better.

That's what we're up to here in Memphis. Hot. Hot. Hot.

Oh and by the way, we found a frog egg in one of our planters.  Here is the proof.  Right before I spotted this little thing, a toad jumped out of my penta as I was flooding it with water.


that time again, really?

the summer has flown by, and I can't believe we are already in August.  this month brings us lots of changes and other fun happenings...

- OFFICIAL marathon training begins this week.  I'm taking on this 100 degree plus weather and doing this thing.
- mom's birthday :)
- granny's 90th BIRTHDAY, yes, you saw that, she's going to be 90!
- some fun visits to oxford
- the stephens prepare to leave for italia! bittersweet I tell ya.

- elise & ellen leave for school, which gives me fun new places to visit. again, bittersweet.
- lots of bike riding with the hubs (he got a new bike over the weekend, and I'm babysitting laura's during her italia adventure)

I hope august brings us many other exciting happenings.  in lieu of t's new purchase, and our new hobby together, I bring you the august desktop.  [leslie also thought it'd be a cute idea.]

Good luck to those of you headed back to school, and enjoy life.  take it one day at a time.