come on... fall

My favorite season is SLOWLY creeping in.

We had a little taste of it a few weeks ago, but the 100+ heat index has come back... and it's killing my marathon training.  I was an adult and got up early yesterday to do my run before church, and I'm so glad I did as the heat index yesterday, [note Sept 19] was probably 110.

T was standing outside the house clapping for me as I finished up the hill on Fiesta.  Thanks hubby, oh and he had a nice glass of ice water ready for me.

And this guy was cheering for me from inside.  :)

Here is what I'm most looking forward to in the upcoming season [in no particular order]:

1 - anything pumpkin flavored and pumpkin/fall decor.  decor might have to start asap to cheer me up in this extended heat!
2 - scarves
3 - boots
4 - sweaters & turtlenecks
5 - running during a brisk afternoon
6 - the lotts coming to visit
7 - gibson's "birthday" to our little family
8 - holiday festivities
9 - listening to the hubby in all his hunting excitement talk [that has already begun]
10 - [hopefully] planting some bushes in the front of our house!
11 - riding bikes around the neighborhood and the new greenway trail
12 - pumpkin run 5k

What are your fall favorites?


Linnae said...

when i think of you, i think of pumpkins. i think it's because i loved how there were so many pumpkins all throughout your wedding =) anyway, i feel as though it is a great symbol for you to have. i LOVE the fall too!

Meredith said...

my favs are football, sweaters, jeans, boots, the colors of the leaves, and cotton...sorry, I thought I only had a couple, and I started talking I found more and more!! Fall's the best!