hello there october

I have already been able to do a few of the things on the list below, which makes me very excited.  Pumpkin cookies are on the list for this week.  T and I found the perfect pumpkin that is sitting on our stoop, and we accomplished something awesome that we've been wanting to do for over a year, and I got some beautiful yellow mums for the front urns.  I don't want to sound all braggy, but I reveal phase 1 of our front landscaping!  That's right, we actually did it.

Feels pretty nice to drive up to a home with some bushes in the front beds.  Thanks for the help, Pam and Steve, we wouldn't have made the jump without a little push from the two of you!

Oh, and here is the perfect pumpkin I was telling you about.  The cute couple selling them called them harry potter pumpkins.

And thanks to the Commercial Appeal blog for the shout out about my fall post! And as usual the beginning of every month, I give you all a nice monthly desktop wallpaper, hope y'all are all still enjoying them!  This was an easy one for me, as I love pumpkins and fall.

Now time for another pumpkin spice latte.


ultralove said...

the yard looks so good- which angle of the waves did you and tdud eventually decide upon? miss you. i come home nov. 19th. for a whole week.

Linnae said...

A. Did you sell the mini coop? Am I totally out of the loop or what?

B. I LOVE your pumpkin cookies!! yummmm

C. The house looks amazing

D. Thanks for the desktop pic as always!

Hilary Dow-Ward said...

Martha!!! WOW-EEEE! You did good.
I want to do a drive by for closer inspection, I love it! Are those arborvitae trees? That will look awesome year around, good for you!

P.S. Love your Harry Potter pumpkins! I got a white one.