recent running thoughts

During my runs, I like to look at people's grass and plants and trees.  It's awesome to see trees that are so old/so enormous, and then running by them often, you'll notice when things change.  There are a few trees I pass that have developed these white mushroom-y looking things?  Not sure what those are.

Once I saw a house re-sod their front yard, and then they pumped the water to it all summer because it would have died in less than a week with the weather we have had here.  So then hundreds of tiny little mushrooms started sprouting up all over it.  Interesting?

Nature is very cool, and I like to observe the goings-on of what God made for us to enjoy.  I love running outside for this very reason.

Another thought, that has nothing to do with nature, but something I do see while running, is I'm curious when people started decorating their houses for Halloween?  And I don't mean a carved pumpkin and a hay-bale on the front stoop.  I mean goblins, coffins, spider webs, axes, cat skeletons, people coming out of the ground, and so on and so on.  I mean, I'm all for celebrating holidays to the max, but I just wonder why?  Maybe their having an awesome Halloween party/haunted house sort of deal.  I sure hope so, because they'd be rockin'.

Last thought, when do you become a for real runner?  When you have to buy a 2nd pair of shoes while training for a marathon????

Because there is #2 (exactly the same as #1, pink AGAIN...ahh).  My 15 miler on Sunday was cut short because my knees started killing me, and the smart side of me (aka T) said to stop so I didn't hurt myself.  So I went over to the local running store and asked him if the shoes are really getting worn down.  Lo and behold, marathon shoes #2 were purchased and I'm headed out for an 8-miler for their debut.

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