I'm tardy.. but it's September

This week [aka, tomorrow] our good buddies, the Stephens, are leaving for 2 years to go to Italy.  I'll probably write another post to them, but last night T bid his farewells and it was bittersweet.  He and Ryan have become such great friends, and it was very sweet to see them say bye.  Some tears built up in my eyes.

With that being said, I know it's September because this is the month they have been planning to leave.  And it's finally here.  And I can't believe it.

I know it's September because marathon training is getting tougher.

Football season began.

The weather is cooling down a bit.

Fall is right around the corner and I can hardly wait.  It's my favorite time of the year.

I hope everyone is enjoying their September, and had a nice Labor Day weekend.  I had a good ol' time helping Les around her house, running, spending time at Long Leaf, and of course with T.  Here's to September everyone, Laura requested some cheery sunflowers!


Mollie said...

Martha - I love using these each month on my laptop - THANKS! Hope you are doing well, Mollie

Linnae said...

woohoo! everyone who comes to the office always comments on my background, and i love telling them that you make them. thanks!!

The Davis Daily said...

How could you be tardy? ha! I am going to use this calendar at work.
Ps. I know you are super sad about your besties. But you have us! We are not that old to hang out with and were fun!!