where's waldo?

A new friend has joined us here at Fiesta.  It's Waldo.

Gibson's Auntie Leslie brought him a new toy, Waldo!  He just loves him, maybe because he tastes like french fries? (he was in her wendy's kids meal)  But anyway, he loves this guy.  He was just playing and playing, and then T and I decided to play a game with him--Where's Waldo?

At first, Gib didn't understand, but eventually he caught on and knew what he was looking for.  See if you can find Waldo in the hiding spots, Gibson did!  Remember, they have to be at Gib level [aka, the ground].


Leslie @ sharpstickintheeye said...

hehe!!! where's waldo!!!

Mandi said...

this is too cute. And speaking of cute, its been waaay too long since Ive seen Gibby. I need to give him a hug!