that time again, really?

the summer has flown by, and I can't believe we are already in August.  this month brings us lots of changes and other fun happenings...

- OFFICIAL marathon training begins this week.  I'm taking on this 100 degree plus weather and doing this thing.
- mom's birthday :)
- granny's 90th BIRTHDAY, yes, you saw that, she's going to be 90!
- some fun visits to oxford
- the stephens prepare to leave for italia! bittersweet I tell ya.

- elise & ellen leave for school, which gives me fun new places to visit. again, bittersweet.
- lots of bike riding with the hubs (he got a new bike over the weekend, and I'm babysitting laura's during her italia adventure)

I hope august brings us many other exciting happenings.  in lieu of t's new purchase, and our new hobby together, I bring you the august desktop.  [leslie also thought it'd be a cute idea.]

Good luck to those of you headed back to school, and enjoy life.  take it one day at a time.


Leslie @ sharpstickintheeye said...

tres cute! and merci

Shelby said...

Hi Martha - loving your desktops!
I also meant to tell you that Martha and Brendan loved their cartoon!