I know anyone who blogs from Memphis talks about how ridiculously hot it is, but it's true.  And I'm going to say it again.


Today, I went to water my clematis at my mailbox (I have 2 blooms now, but I snagged this photo last week when the first one bloomed) :

And I was out there for about 10 minutes or so, and I was (literally) dripping in sweat, and my hair was all of a sudden sweaty.  I really don't think that I have ever experienced this much heat for such a long period of time.  Historical event here.

Thus, marathon training is a bit tricky in this amount of heat.  It's hard to breathe, making it hard to run for a long period of time.  I will say that I have been getting up early in the mornings, and it's kind of enlightening.  I turn up my music, and get to running.  Once I'm in the zone I don't realize how miserably hot it is, but it's only like this before 7 am.  After that, all you can think about is the heat radiating off your body.  All I have to say is, bring on the fall weather, I'll be ready for it and be able to run much better.

That's what we're up to here in Memphis. Hot. Hot. Hot.

Oh and by the way, we found a frog egg in one of our planters.  Here is the proof.  Right before I spotted this little thing, a toad jumped out of my penta as I was flooding it with water.

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