eeeh hem... is this thing on?

2014.. Here we are!  I've been enjoying my days at home these past 2 months with the happiest, sweetest, and cutest little Jane bug you ever did meet.

We are just smitten with this little girl. She is just such a treasure.

On another note... Leslie and I designed a planner (with the help of Laura) and they are available for purchase!  At first we were just going to make them for ourselves, but then we started hearing from friends that they would be interested, too.  We couldn't find a planner that we loved, but had aspects from different planners that we loved... So we thought we would put them all together!  Plus it's really cute thanks to Laura's cover!

It has a laminated cover and back.
Month at a glance.
Weekly spreads.
Tons of notes pages in the back.

If you want your very own, head over to Leslie's page and purchase one!  We decided we would sell them for $22 (including shipping), or if you are in Memphis and want to coordinate meeting Leslie or me you can choose the $18 option.

And in honor of our cute planners, I am back with the January desktop calendar! Go here to get it.

Happy New Year everyone!


Unknown said...

Love this one! And I love that baby.

Linnae said...

ummm HELLO! i love the calendar!!!