slight break, but 2 tshirts

So I was away from blogging world while I was in Dallas for our conference for work. It was a success! I know all my adoring fans are awaiting a new post... In the midst of being busy with work, house, etc., I somehow managed to design two tshirts (the #1 shirt with the help of Stacey because of her plethora of fonts and design, but I did tell her what I want). At Ole Miss I wanted to be the tshirt designer for my sorority, but never was. Maybe this will be my calling one day? I have a thing for a cool tshirt.

This year my grandparents, Norman and Martha, will be married for 60 years! It is so awesome, and I remember their 50th anniversary party we had for them 10 years ago. 60 years has gotten here so quick! My mom and aunt decided to make this a special event for them, so they planned this all family vacation. We are ALL going to a lake house on Lake McQueeney, which is right outside of San Antonio. It will be a great time, and I'll actually get to see the sun this summer, and get to go water skiing! I can't wait to teach T Dud. He's never been water skiing, so I'll be sure to document this. Should be awesome.

Anyway, mom came up with the idea (with her sister) to make tshirts for this vacation. At first I was like, WHAT??? Seriously?? Yes, she was. She wanted everyone's name on it, or the location, date, blah, cheesey things. This is what I came up with for tshirt #1 (Sorry I couldn't get better quality images, it would have been better on the iMac at home).

This is on the back:

This is the left front:

Not too cheesey I didn't think... We got them yesterday and it's pretty hilarious. Dudley said, "do we have to wear these all at the same time during the trip?" I said, "no darling, it's just for fun."

Next up, 4th of July. Like I said in a previous post, the Steve Guinn family has a thing for all the America holidays. Steve LOVES 4th of July. Period. So there was a tshirt contest for the parade in Pidgeon Estates this year, and this is what Leslie and I came up with... and... WE WON!!! I'll probably be wearing this often.

This is the back:

This is the front:

We are pretty excited about it. T Dud and I (and Steve, Pam, Leslie, J, Laura, Ryan, Scott, etc.) have been busily working on Fiesta Drive. It has come a long long way, and next week will be a big week! We are getting our new lights installed, and our floors refinished! This is going to change the entire look of our house and we're going to love it! The kitchen is starting to look awesome actually. Can't wait to share how our fake bricks turned out.


Linnae said...

You are so CREATIVE. Seriously, you are going to have your own store. Not sure what kind of store, but a cool one. With lots of cool things in it. Much love! (love the anniversary t-shirts! clever)

Unknown said...

Linnae, you want to invest some capital in our store?