yesterday was green

I posted yesterday that I was going to make my hubs green eggs [and ham], and I kind of said it half joking half serious. With busy season still trucking along, I never know what time he will get home so I always wait to make dinner until closer to time.

So he gets home last night and said, "are we having green eggs and ham?" :) I said, "yes! I don't have any ham though, how's [turkey] sausage and waffles for ya?"

The green eggs were actually made and they were very green [and I felt so festive]. Here's your proof.

It was a little delicious dinner eaten on green plates as well, I know that T loved it. We each had a Muddy's cupcake to eat, but by the time we were done with dinner it was late and I was full. That's our lunchtime dessert for today.


Leslie @ sharpstickintheeye said...

yummm. i had green pancakes yesterday. and they still tasted good.

The Davis Daily said...

Your Hilarious! What a fun idea! I will have to remember that one.