March 9

celebrating both our March birthdays at Granny's last week

It was a great birthday! Thanks for all the birthday wishes to make March 9, 2010 another awesome birthday. I will say I have such a sweet husband, but I already knew that before my birthday. He planned a little surprise gathering with friends at a local restaurant, and it was so much fun. I even ran into fellow March 9th-er, and we enjoyed a birthday toast. :)

23 was a great year for me. We bought a house and fixed it up, I passed the 1 year mark at my job, we adopted the SWEETEST pup you've ever met, celebrated our first anniversary, and spent the holidays with our family and friends.

I'm really looking forward to 24 because I know it will be another great year. Bring it, 24.


Leslie @ sharpstickintheeye said...

one day you won't be 24 anymore.

happy birthday sistah

The Davis Daily said...

Happy belated birthday younster! I am glad you had a good one. Can't wait until March 27th!

Jillian said...

happy birthday martha...i hope you had a wonderful day!