it's almost here

I feel like I can taste the spring time. The forecast for Memphis this weekend will be s'lovely. Me and the T have a nice weekend planned, we're going with the flow, doing what we please. It will be great. Maybe Gibson will get to go explore at Shelby Farms? It would be his debut in a public park. After his few escapes in the neighborhood, he can't go anywhere without the gentle leader. Period. He now has to ride in the car with it on [and in the backseat, too], it makes him calm. He hasn't gotten used to the car yet. But I will say he is still adorable when gentle leader is on. :)

Another reason I love March is because it's the end of busy season. People, it's almost over, and I can hardly wait. Here are some things I want to do in the spring time:
  • Landscape our yard
  • Attend many Farmer's Markets [downtown]
  • Go to the zoo & see the Teton Trek
  • Begin my marathon training (what? I just put this out there... big step)
  • Walk to Muddy's with Gibby and T
  • Garage Sale (April 17 - haha, T and Jonny)
  • Go on a weekend getaway with my hubs - Anyone have any ideas for us?
  • Take T to Jerry's Sno Cones (he didn't get to go last summer)
  • Run the Double Decker 10K
  • Run the Youth Villages 5K
  • Go to the lake with the Stephens
I love the spring time almost as much as I love fall. I can taste it, it's almost here!

As promised, the birthday banner hangs.


Victoria Luke said...

I knew about the marathon training - woot woot! SO excited about this :)

Leslie @ sharpstickintheeye said...

Gibby is really cute.

ultralove said...

1. i hope you will let me run with you sometimes

2. luna is pumped to meet gibby tonight. and then to play with her in the dog park

3. my dad has a cabin in gatlinburg....

Jesse Faris said...

Hey, I know it's not the same when it's cold, but you do know Jerry's is open year-round now, right? (No more waiting for Memorial Day!)

I highly recommend our digs from last weekend--absolutely amazing.

Martha said...

Yes, I knew it was open, but it's more enjoyable when it's in the 60's.. but that's just my opinion.

Freddy Frederickson said...

Darkness falls and the night's begun.
The river of light burns as bright as the sun. Under the waning moon is danger to be found.