it's t's birthday

Happy birthday to the sweetest man - T Dudley Carter. He's nice, I like eem [love eem], and he likes [loves] me.

He is now 25 years old, and last night as we were going to sleep he said, "I don't want to be 25." Hehe, my sister and I had this same conversation last year when she turned 25. I told eem it'd be a great year for us, and then next year I'd turn 25 for him so he wouldn't be alone.

Just wanted to share some things I found this morning looking through some old photos of this guy. What a guy he is.

His usual face when dancing...

Well isn't that sweet... 

He studied like this in college.... And made all A's.

This was fun. A sweet serenade from my new husband of a couple hours.

He really does like me.

His good buddies... and Aaron Snow. Thanks for this, Ellen.

Ladies first.

Right before we got married. I never saw this until today. Were you looking for me outside?

More of the sweet serenade joined by Aaron Lott.

I couldn't leave this one out, could I?

Or this one...

T. Diddy.

A little birthday tribute to you, bub/schnookums/boo/t/tdud etc etc. I love you.


Leslie @ sharpstickintheeye said...

happy bday T!

maybe since you're a quarter-century, it's time we start calling you Timothy?

Jesse Faris said...

The last picture is an amazing portrait--this is the pic you need to carry in a locket! :) Happy Birthday, Duds!

Margie said...

i love all of these pictures!!!!

Aaron Snow said...

Ewwwww Weeeeeeee! That last one is hot! Happy Birthday Dudley!