time to take a poll

What kind of mat/rug should I get for in front of our sink?

With our new hardwoods in the kitchen, we need to be careful with water and food debris flying from the sink and onto our pretty floors. Our current little mat (that was perfect for the apt) isn't cutting it. It's way to small.

This is the one we have now...

I love it, but not only is it too small, it's seen better days.

Anyone seen a good (cheap) mat for in front of the sink that is big?

PS - How do you like the new look? My huge face seems to be taking over now.


Jesse Faris said...

I totally want that mat if you're throwing it out. It looks GREAT to me!

Mary Margaret said...

They have those great 'gel' mats on clearance at William Sonoma outlet. Not nearly as cute, but good for the floor and your joints!

la said...

you should totally get crafty and paint your own floor cloth! they sell pre-fab cloths that just need paint, or you can make your own from canvas and jesso/primer. google "floor cloth canvas;" they may even have it at joann or the art center. this is definitely on my growing to-do list, since my husband and dogs have completely destroyed the rug i put in the kitchen a few weeks ago...i want to paint one to look like an expensive rug i love to get the look without compromising durability/cleanability.