overrated is right

It is true. The rebels are over-rated, but all Ole Miss fans knew that already, let's be honest.

Something that wasn't over-rated was the homemade pizza we made last night while [not]enjoying a Thursday night SEC football game. At my kitchen shower my sweet friends threw me in Oxford last September, I was given recipes in an awesome recipe box. Margie put in a recipe for homemade BBQ chicken pizza, so I used her crust part because again tdud would rather just have a pepperoni pizza than anything fancy.

So I followed her crust steps to get here....

But it took longer [than she said in instructions] for it to form a dough ball. It eventually made something close to a ball. Such great memories of making the dough for rolls at Lenoir Hall dining class sprung into mind to pass the time of waiting for the dough ball to form.

I rolled it out on this pizza pan because our stone was dirty from tdud's cinnamon toast.

I tried to give the Rebels a little spirit through the pepperoni placement on this pizza pie, but that didn't so much work out for us in the end...

It was a very tasty pizza, maybe next time tdud will let me be more adventurous with the topping choices. [very unlikely]

I promise not to be a flaky blogger, but I will post pictures of some house updates soon. Waiting for a few more things before the reveal!


LeslieJ said...

i spy an AE cardigan

LeslieJ said...

also did you use your dough hook or the other thingy?

Martha said...

dough hook all the way!