the great spill of September 23

I was in the process of making the 3rd dinner of the week, tdud was being very sweet putting away the dishes from the dishwasher, and BAM. My full drink (that was sitting on the counter by the stove) hits the floor and goes everywhere. Into and all over my purse. (I should have taken photos of this event, but we both just kind of looked at each other and didn't say any words)

Dudley immediately starts getting it up off his precious new hardwood floors, and I run to the purse. I begin wiping out everything and making sure none of it is going to be sticky. Then I see my cute little soft cover moleskine weekly notebook. It seemed to be ruined at first glance. I tried to dry it off, but it wasn't working. Being the girl that I am, I acted all huffy about it and sweet hubs said, "we can get you a new one. I'll go buy you a new one. And if your purse is ruined too we'll buy you a new one." He felt so bad.

I finished up dinner (excellent chicken tortilla soup with sliced avacado on top) as he cleaned up the floor.

Later on, Leslie, J, and I went for our run and tdud was headed to Lowe's for something he needed for a certain project in the works. When he picked me up from the Jerkins abode, we got in the car and he said, "I tried to do something nice for you, but they didn't have the same one. They only had the hard cover one."

That sweet guy.

This reminded me that I don't need to be attached to my earthly possessions. So a little drink got on my planner and the pages are a little wavy on the edges now, it just adds to the character. As I went in my purse this morning and got out my little notebook, it didn't even look that messed up. Now every time I use it I will remember my sweet tdud and that I don't need to be so caught up in my things.


LeslieJ said...

aww T...that guy!

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Jesse Faris said...

Sweet thoughts. And yumm, chicken tortilla soup! (That made it all better, didn't it?) :)